Just Pretending

Cherry Scott is the princess of pop. She has been fore quite a while now: Six years in counting. Lately, it's been hard keeping that title... One direction is the biggest boy band on earth. They have been just recently. They're "new" and fresh, and everybody revolves around them. So what happens when you put these two together?

*This whole story was made last year all in a day, I found it on my computer, decided to publish it, it's really cliche, super stupid, but no hate. Please and thank you.


2. The meeting

 (Boys view)

 “Hey Louis, You have a girlfriend.” Paul said, holding up a slip of paper. Louis raised a brow his teacup gripped in his hands. “I think I’d reckon that I’ve got one. Maybe I’ve forgotten to feed her or something like Harry’s tamogachi.” He said looking at what Paul was holding. The boys laughed. Zayn took a look at it too. “Ooo Cherifina Scott!” He whistled. Harry flicked his head up at the name. “Fine lady…” He added with a smirk. Niall looked at the paper as well, taking a sip of his tea. “That’s a beauty right there.” He said. Liam looked at her for a second. “Careful. I heard she throws loads of hissy fits. Maybe next time she should buy a full shirt. Doesn’t matter if it’s half off. “He snickered. “See what I did there?” He asked. The boys giggled along. “Love it.” Niall said, giving Liam a high five. Louis gave Liam a look. “You know so much about her, why don’t you give her a shot? “Louis asked. Liam shook his head. “No thank you. The girl’s dangerous. “He said. “I mean, I’m sure she’s nice deep down and all, but if it’s for publicity, it’s a bit naughty don’t you think?” He added. Paul nodded. “He’s got a point, but it doesn’t make Louis much better. We both need the publicity.” He said. Louis raised his eyebrows. “So I’m getting a girlfriend… for money.” He said just to clarify. Paul nodded. “Ehh, why not. It’s only for a few days right?” Louis said taking the paper and taking another sip of tea. Paul shrugged. “Could take months.” He said. Louis coughed, choking on the sip he had taken. “What?!” He exclaimed. Paul smiled innocently. “You have 4 more hours before your first date sir. “ He said. “You’re going to Milkshake city.  And dress nice will you? “He said patting Louis on the back.

* * *

(Four hours later)


I didn’t really do much to get ready for the date. My clothes were fine; all I needed was some shoes, and maybe some hair adjustments. I slipped on a pair of wedges and pulled a navy blue cardigan on top of the crème colored top I was wearing. I put my hair into a messy bun and whipped on some quick makeup. Just a dash of eyeliner and some chap stick and I was ready to go. I grabbed my handbag and put on some ray bans before walked out the door. As soon as I stepped out, fans were mobbing me. I kept my eyes on the floor and continued to walk, signing autographs awkwardly when waiting for the stop sign to say ‘walk.’ Finally I had made it to the little milkshake place, and another mob of girls were waiting out the window, staring at somebody inside. Must’ve been Louis. I opened the door and got in, waving a silent good bye to the people. Louis was sitting at a booth next to the window waiting for me to approach. His eyes were glued to me as if he were judging. “Problem?” I asked before sitting across from him. He shook his head slowly. “You’re Le-wis right?” I asked. He cleared his throat. “Um, yeah. It’s pronounced Lou-ie by the way.” He corrected me. “Right… Um. I’m Cherry. Apparently your new girlfriend?” I said awkwardly. Louis nodded. “Yeah. Whoop-de-doo!” He said sarcastically and handed me a menu. I raised a single eyebrow as if to show I was offended, which in a way I was. “Excuse me? Do you not want me as a girlfriend or what?” I asked, picking up the menu. He didn’t look up. “What? I never said that. I’m sure you’re a wonderful woman.” He said, still emotionless. I nodded slowly. “Sure. And I’m positive you’d make a wonderful boyfriend. But it wouldn’t matter because we’re not really dating.” I said back. He shot me a look. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked confusedly. I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m only saying. “We’re not really boyfriend girlfriend remember?” I told him. When the waitress came, Louis told her our orders. She looked like she was going to jump up and down and explode her pants from seeing Louis and I. She asked for an autograph from both of us which we gave her. “Thank you!” I said smiling and giving her a high-five. “Thanks babe.” Louis said to her with a wink. The lady blushed, and went to get our orders. “You’re on a date with me, and you’re flirting with the waitress. What the hell…” I said glaring at him. Louis smiled. “We’re not really boyfriend girlfriend, remember?” He quoted me, his British accent sounding high pitched as if he were mocking me. I continued to glare at him. This unreal relationship barely started… and I already hated it.

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