Just Pretending

Cherry Scott is the princess of pop. She has been fore quite a while now: Six years in counting. Lately, it's been hard keeping that title... One direction is the biggest boy band on earth. They have been just recently. They're "new" and fresh, and everybody revolves around them. So what happens when you put these two together?

*This whole story was made last year all in a day, I found it on my computer, decided to publish it, it's really cliche, super stupid, but no hate. Please and thank you.


3. Fleeting

3. Fleeting

The milkshake finally came. Milkshake. Not plural. Only one. With straws. Plural. Two straws. Louis’s mouth was wide, and so was mine. I could tell what he was thinking, because I was thinking much of the same thing. “What is this…? I thought I ordered two.” Louis said to the waitress. “I thought the same thing.” I said, staring at the milkshake, scared to touch it. The thought of Louis’s spit most likely being chucked into that milkshake sent a shiver down my spine. Gross. I don’t want to share a drink with him! The waitress smiled. “Oh I know, but since they were both the same flavor, I decided to just get you two a big one to share. You guys make a REALLY cute couple!” The waitress said. “No need to thank me.” She added before walking away. The paparazzi were still outside the window. Louis glanced at the cameras, and the men behind them with goofy grins, waiting for us to start drinking. He faked a smile, and opened the straw for me. He ripped the paper off and flicked it away angrily. He stuck it into the drink and pointed it towards me. “Gee, thanks…” I said in the opposite mood of enthusiastic. “Don’t flatter yourself doll, it’ll be over soon.” Louis said with another wink and smile as he started slurping. The sound made me cringe. “Were my cheeks pink?”  I joked, swirling the straw around, stalling the first sip. Louis smirked. “Good one!” He said, still very sarcastic sounding. “Too scared to take a sip? I promise I didn’t backwash.” He told me, practically reading my mind. I stared at him. “No, I’m not scared. Just not hungry.” I lied. Louis leaned to the side, and looked over at my stomach. “No wonder you look like a stick. Drink.” He said sounding all of a sudden nice. I hesitated, but took a sip. He smiled again. “Just kidding, I backwashed.” He said. I coughed, and took the straw out of my mouth. “I don’t like you very much.” I told him, looking him square in the eye. Louis laughed. “You don’t say!” He replied. I knit my eyebrows disappointed that I could’ve picked somebody way better. Of course I was stuck with this kid.

* * *

Next we had to walk around town all romantically. Romantic, my butt. Well, Louis’s butt. It was bigger than mine. This kid probably didn’t even know the definition of romantic! I bet he didn’t know the definition of anything! I bet he doesn’t even own a dictionary… We walked out the door, pretending the paparazzi was not even there. Louis was still taller than me whilst I wore those heels. I looked up at him. “What are you waiting for?” I asked noticing he stopped at the door. Louis scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, chuckled hinting at the cameras, and held out his hand. Was he expecting me to take it? I put my hand in his, and our fingers intertwined. We weren’t even holding hands the right way. We kept adjusting our finger placements, walking down the streets fast. “HEY WHERE YA GOING?!” A group of fans and camera men asked. We started walking faster. “Stay quiet.” He whispered. I nodded, looking down continuing to walk. “Slow down, it’s hard walking in these,” I hissed. The mob started getting closer, and closer. “Louis, they’re getting closer.” I whispered. Louis glanced behind his back and darted his attention back to the ground. “Run.” He whispered. “What?” I asked. The mob was starting to get loud. “Run!” Louis hissed, as we stampeded down the side walk, the mob only inches behind. 




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