Just Pretending

Cherry Scott is the princess of pop. She has been fore quite a while now: Six years in counting. Lately, it's been hard keeping that title... One direction is the biggest boy band on earth. They have been just recently. They're "new" and fresh, and everybody revolves around them. So what happens when you put these two together?

*This whole story was made last year all in a day, I found it on my computer, decided to publish it, it's really cliche, super stupid, but no hate. Please and thank you.


1. Pick one


“Cherifina Margret Scott! Come out this instant! You’ve been in there for hours!” Anna-lease called out from outside the dressing room.  My eyes widened in alarm, from her shrill nasally voice. “I’m coming, just give me a second!” I took another look in the mirror and wrinkled my nose in disgust. I didn’t like what I saw. A size 3 body stuffed into a size 0 dress, which showed too much leg. Scraggly black hair swept to the side in iron damaged curls, the entire back of it covered in blonde hair dye. My face was the worst part. What I saw was two bare gray eyes, blotted with sparkles and unnecessary color shades and mascara, a pair of pink lips glazed in gloss and stick. And last but not least, on top of it all, a fake smile hiding all what I thought. Bleh.  “CHERIFINA!” She called again. I groaned, running out the door as best as I could in 3 inch heels. “Here,” I said as I stood by her side ready to hit the stage. “You look gorgeous!” Anna-lease said with a strange grin. She kissed both my cheeks in greeting, and I did the same to hers. “Now here’s your micro-phone, you rise from this floor board, and during intermission you change into the green dress. Ready?” She asked. I grabbed the microphone and crawled into the little space that was supposed to lift me up. “Ready. Um, instead of the green dress, do you think I can wear some jeans? The dress is really tight… “I complained. “You can pick the top.” I added. Anna-Lease knit her eyebrows, and clicked a button on her remote that said lift. “No time!” She exclaimed, and watched me go up to the stage. The lift took about three seconds, and by the time the music started playing, I was hauled above two thousand screaming boys and girls waiting for me to start singing. I looked down, forgetting my fear of heights. I looked back up, my heart all of a sudden beating fast. “Hey guys! Who’s ready for the best night ever!!!?” I exclaimed into the mike. More screaming. I took a deep breath and started singing knowing the rest of the night was going to take forever.

Chapter 1

After two hours of fans pulling at your feet, throwing posters and bears up at the stage and screaming my name from the other side of the theater so loud that I could hear it from the stage, I waved goodbye and ran back to the dressing room. I just couldn’t wait to get home and take a nap. Halfway down the hall I was stopped by a security guard. “What is it Mark?” I asked. Mark looked at the little clipboard that was being held in his beefy arms. “Miss Anna-Lease wanted to see you.” He said in his gruff voice. I nodded. “And why can’t she tell me this herself?” I asked in between breaths. Mark shrugged. “She’s waiting by the snack bar Miss Cherifina.” He said. I nodded again and gave him a salute. “Thank you.” I said before dashing the opposite direction to meet her there.

Part 2

 “What the hell do you want now?” I asked, as soon as my feet touched the floor of the snack room. Anna-Lease was sitting at a table sipping on a latte. The room spelled like caramel and perfume, enough of it to make someone gag. She smiled and pulled out a chair for me to sit in. I sat. “Watch your language young lady.” She told me, the smile still locked on her lips. “Fine. What is it?” I tried nicely. Anna nodded. “Better. You’re getting a boyfriend.” She said. I gave her an are-you-kidding-me look. “Sorry what?” I asked just to know if I heard right. “Did I stutter?” Anna asked. “Pick one of these five boys to be your boyfriend.” She said, whipping out a piece of paper and tapping one of her lean press on claws against it. “Pick one of five of these what’s to be my who?” I asked, still completely confused. “This is One Direction, the world’s biggest British-Irish boy bands. Pick one of them, and that’ll be your boyfriend.” Anna attempted to explain. “Oh okay, that makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!” I exclaimed. “Look, you’ve been in this music business for a long time, and I’m pretty sure Mary’s going to have you beat in a few.  You need more publicity, and a hot new boo will help. Now pick. How's this one?” She said, and pointed at the first person in the picture. The name printed under it said Zayn. I looked at him, trying to think of what to say.

“He looks mean. No.” I said.

Next one. Harry

“Ew he needs a trim. No.”


“Awe he’s so cute!” I squealed.

Anna looked up. “Do we have a winner?” I looked back at her and sneered. “No.” I replied. Anna frowned. “What’s wrong with him?” She asked. “He’s too innocent. He’d be a hell of a lot confused if I met him and told him I was his fake girlfriend.” I answered. She rolled her eyes. “What a Diva.” She said. “I am not a Diva! I can have my opinions!” I protested. Anna waved her hand. “How about this one?” She asked pointing at Liam. “Okay yeah no. He looks like he’d hate me.” I said. “Then you get Louis. You’ve criticized all of them, and he’s the last one on the list.” She said waving the paper in my face. I swatted the paper down and took a good look at the one named Louis. I smiled softly, trying to be nice for once. “Look Anna, I don’t want a boyfriend. I don’t need one either. Please.” I said. Anna hesitated, eyes full of mock sympathy. “Ha, too bad you’re getting one. “ She said breaking the silence. Bitch. “As your publicist, I do whatever I have to do to make you big. You get me? Anyways, tomorrow at 2 meet Louis at Milkshake city. Toodaloo!” She said, and walked out, leaving me hanging. I watched her scurry out of the situation like she always did. I noticed she left her latte there, and I was ready to throw it at her. As soon as I touched the cup, she poked her head through the doorway. “You dare fling it at me; I’m telling your manager.” She warned before disappearing.

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