Battle of insanity

A poem i wrote a few years ago. I found the old scrap of paper a few days ago and thought it would be nice to bring it up here. I haven't changed it, so if the grammar is a little wrong i'm sorry, i wrote it when i was 9 so... :D
It's a small poem about how you fight insanity, and what insane people really go through. Or what i thought of it at the time :)


1. ~Insane, insanity, gone~

What do you do when your sanity has gone?

When you can't see between right and wrong

and a leaf is an enemy.


What do you see when shadows are monsters

and all you can do is scream your heart out?


How do you fall when a hill is a mountain to your mind?

You are immortal in a queens realm

Dying in your own. 


What do you do when you kill a loved one,

out of the belief they are intruders?


How do you fight in a battle of your own insanity?

When you are the queen and the others a faint reality?

You cannot see what is true, your mind infected with the demons of your own heart.


In the end you can't scream

In the end you cannot fall

In the end you cannot take the pain of your sanity's vanish

In the end nobody survives

In the end you can't see the truth.


In your mind you are dead

But in reality you cannot die....


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