The Epilepsy Girl

17 year old Kaileigh had Epilepsy.It is a disease that causes seizures.When Kai goes to a 1D concert with her best friend Harley,Kai has a seizure.Harry Styles helps Kai out.What will happen between the 2?


1. Yep...Try To Be Me


Beep!BEEP!That was my alarm."Oh come on."I said.I shut it off.I jumped out of bed.I put on my jeans and my favorite shirt.It was a light yellow with a mix of orange.I brushed out my long,curly,blonde hair.I grabbed me keys and ran out the front door.I drove off to where I worked.It was a tiny little store.It sold clothing items.This store was like the tiniest store in London.My best friend had a much better job than this.I seen Eleanor Calder walk into the store.That is when a guys knocked me over,making me fall to the ground.Eleanor ran over to me."Are you okay Hun?"Eleanor asked."Yeah.I'm fine.Thank you."I replied.She helped me off the ground."Small place you work."Eleanor said."Yeah. I have Epilepsy so I can't do anything big."I said."Oh sorry." "It's ok."

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