This is a story about a girl who falls in love. Little does she know, there is more than simply meets the eye of her lover. When these fantasy a finally hit home she must retreat to her life long friend for help. The resource becomes much more that an aide but maybe a love
Inspiration: A FanFiction mix of The Vampire Diaries tv show on CW and One Direction


1. Harry Styles: More than meets the eye

I knew there was more to Harry then an eye could bluntly see. He had a ring. A ring he could never take off, no one knew why. He could disappear at the blink if an eye. He couldn't die. I knew what he was. It hit me like a bullet to the heart. Vampire. I loved him more than I loved my self, but I was afraid of the danger our love could put me in.
Harry: Love you babe! Off the the studio
Me: K love you! Be carefull
Harry:I always me
Me:ok have fun
Dating some one who was in a band was hard enough let alone a vampire.
I walked out side and sat on the front steps. I was waiting for Harry and the boys to come home. The next thing I knew I was knocked out.
I regained consciousness but heard the guys voiced and decided to kept quiet. I knew I had a cut on my head and that the boys knew about Harry. So I kept quiet and figured he would feed me his blood the heal me. I felt his bloody wrist against my lips. I officially had Vampire Blood in my system. The next step was to die within 24 to activate the transition.
Harry didn't want me to know I had fed from him so I pretended to be asleep until he had cleaned up. When I finally decide it had been long enough I was in his bed. He was holding me tightly. He probably didn't want me to leave, die and then complete the transition. All I knew was that I was going to die. I knew Harry would h e problems being alone in this and would want me to be a Vampire too. I was defenseless. He...was going to kill me and I knew it. I saw a glimmer, as if it was reflecting from a knife. Here we go. I was going to be a vampire.
Harry: I'm Sorry, it's for our own good
The cold metal hit me. He stabbed me
Author Note: Hey! Thanks for reading! It's pretty bad but ill continue anyway. In taking my two loves (TVD AND 1D) and combining them. I'm probably going to start another once I think of one and continue both at the same time.
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