Summer Love

Katie is just a normal 16 year old, who is best friends with THE Louis Tomlinson! When Louis invited her and her friends to stay with them for the summer, will love get inbetween her and her best friends? Will the end of summer be too much? Will they all live Happily ever after?


2. Louis

I was super excited to be meeting Katie again! It's been ages since we saw each other last! :) I can't wait to meet her friends, either! :D x

Liam: *trying to get everybody in the van* Louis, check. Zayn check. Harry, check. Niall, check. Liam,...wait...WHERE'S LIAM?! Oh, wait, I'm Liam! Hehe.                           Louis: *looking at his phone, texting Katie*

Katie Loves You<3

You: Hey, Katie! Where are you guys at? :) x                                                                                 Kaie Loves You<3: Should be landing in about...hmm....10 minutes? :D The girls were freaking out! :) x                                                                                                                                                  You: Haha. Tell them calm down. The boys HATE fangirls. :( x                                                   Katie Loves You<3: Okay, well, I gotta go! Bye, love<3 x


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