Summer Love

Katie is just a normal 16 year old, who is best friends with THE Louis Tomlinson! When Louis invited her and her friends to stay with them for the summer, will love get inbetween her and her best friends? Will the end of summer be too much? Will they all live Happily ever after?


1. Katie

I am Katie. I am 16 years old, and have amazing friends! They are here, and we are getting ready to go see my other best friend, Louis, in London! I can't wait! :) x

Alexis: *packing* So, how long are we staying?
Katie: *looks at her, and packs something else* Until Summer ends!                                       Alexis: *looks at her, shooked* Really?
Katie: *nods* GRACIE!!!                                                                                                Gracie: *walks in* What? Can you ever just hush for once? I have a headache!                       Alexis: *laughs* Okay, so I have every single one of my clothes in here, and I still don't have enough clothes for THE WHOLE SUMMER!!                                                                     Katie: *smiles* Well, Lou PROMISED to take us shopping. Hehe.                                         Alexis: Okay, Louis and Zayn have girlfriends, right?                                                            Katie: *nods* Yes, that's why I am bringing two friends. So it's three of us all together, and so, Alexis, you get Niall, I get Harry, and Gracie, you get Liam.



I can't believe it! In less than 24 hours, we are going to be on a plane, flying to London! :) Could life get any better?!?! :D x

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