Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


34. You Ok?

Caitlyn's POV

So this whole time Marsha has been nice to me, was to just gain my trust? Thinking that I would trust her more than Liam? I trust Liam but then again, I don't.


"You ok?" Chloe asked me snapping out of my thoughts. She always knows when to do that. Once she didn't and I ended up passing out because of all the thoughts going through my head. Niall was giving me a worried look also.


"I...I...I don't know," I admitted. I honestly didn't. "Now I know how you felt," I said. I could feel the tears. I want to do what Chloe away.


"Do you believe him?" Chloe asked.


"I do and I don't..."


"Caitlyn look at me," it was Niall speaking. I looked at him then Chloe then Niall again. "Liam would never do something like that. I wouldn't either," Chloe chuckled. "Jennifer kissed me and Marsha kissed him."


"It'''s just hard to believe. He was my first crush, boyfriend, and kiss." The tears were now spilling out.


"Well he...wait what?" Niall asked shocked. "He was your first!" he asked for surprised. I nodded. "Oh..." I could tell he had nothing more to say.


"Not helping babe," Chloe said patting his chest.


Chloe's POV

I feel bad. I was in this situation before and she helped me through it. Now it's my turn. I am ticked off at Liam right now, even if he said she kissed him. I am just ticked. I could see the tears coming out of her eyes. I feel bad. I sat down next to Caitlyn, who had her back against the wall, knees to her chest crying.


"You ok?" I asked. She shook her head. Then, one of Niall's stylists walked in, not paying attention to Caitlyn and I.


"Niall you're on in 2." and she left. Rude much... Niall looked at me conserned and I just nodded. He gave me a kiss on the head and I wished him luck. He then left.


"C-C-Can we g-g-go home?" Caitlyn asked. I could tell she wanted to just run out like I did but I am not going to let her do that. Even though I did that without her knowing... ANYWAYS, I could tell she didn't want to stay. I walked out and found Paul and told him that Cait wasn't feeling well and he sent someone to take us home. TAKE ME HOME!!! Sorry, I had to...


We went outside and a car pulled up that Paul got. We got in and I noticed the driver looked familiar.


"KEVIN!" I screamed. Caitlyn had a shocked look on her face and I just laughed. "Told you he was real!" Then I stuck my tongue out at her. I gave Kevin the address and we were off.


"She said that Liam was her's," Caitlyn mumbled. That just made me even more ticked. We were coming up to a stop light. We were at a red light when Kevin turned around to see how we were doing. I looked up and a scared look flashed across his faced. I felt the car jerk forward and glkass fly.


We just got hit.


NOTE: Will they (Chloe, Kevin, and Caitlyn) be ok? HEY! All those names make a c/k sound... Lol, only I would point that out. ~Caitlyn

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