Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


10. What if I Mess This Up?

Caitlyn's POV

Liam took a while to ask the question. He was about to say something when Chloe ran up to me and jumped on my lap. "What the heck Carrot!" I yelled-ish, more like raised my voice. She gave me a shcoked face but it soon turned into a smile. I sighed. "What do you need Carrot?" I asked.


"Hit me in the knee," she said with a straight face. I cocked my head in confusion.






"Why? When I hit you playfully you don't like it."


"Hit my knee!" I heard some laughs.




"Cause I am wearing skinny jeans and my knee itches AND I CAN'T ITCH IT!!!"


So I did what she asked. I smacked her knee...HARD if I ay so myself. You could hear it at the front of the plane. Chloe reacted by jumping off my lap. My hand started to turn red. I smacked her knee hard and head on!


"THANKS CATIE!" shouted Chloe.


"Glad to help Chlo!" I said sarcastically. I looked at Liam and he was going to say something again but the pilot beat us.


"Welcome to the states!" I got up and got out of the way. Paul came up to gathered us around. "Alright, word got around so boys you get off first and head to the hotel. Then the girls," he said then herded the guys off the plane. So now it was just me and my sister.


"I think he was going to ask me," I said looking down at my feet. "I don't know if I'm ready..."


Chloe caught on. "He likes you." I nodded. "You will be fine," she told me.


"I don't think I am. I mean, I have never had a boyfriend or crush. I have never had a first kiss! What if I mess this up?" I said. It's true. I was too busy for a boyfriend. "I mean, you've had a crush, boyfriend AND kiss! You know what to do...I don't."


Next thing I knew, Chloe smacked my arm...HARD! It was already starting to turn red and bruise. Another injury to add to the list. "Shut up! You..." she was interrupted by Paul walking back on the plane.


"Lets go girls! Stay close. The boys are already at the hotel," he said. Chloe and I grabbed our bags and I noticed the time... 30 minutes after we landed. Wow. Long talk. I looked at my arm and it was now turning purple. Chloe noticed and gave me an apologetic look. I just wrapped my arm around her shoulder and we walked off the plane.


NOTE: What do you think? BTW: that slapping the knee moment happened in real life to us in the middle of choir. ~Your Co-Author

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