Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


22. Story Time!

Caitlyn's POV


The boys walked out. Me and Chloe were about to change. I walked to the bathroom door and held out my hand to open the handle. Pain ran through me. I let out a yelp. Chloe ran to my side. I had tears coming out of my eyes. She guided me to the bed I was on before and pressed the nurse button thing. In less than a minute, a nurse walked in.


"Is everything ok?" she asked. By then the guys ran in. I couldn't speak. Liam ran to my side and held my right hand. I screamed. Pain was all I felt. He instantly let go of my hand. The nurse walked up to me and slid the right shoulder of my hospital gown down. Gasps went all around. The doctor walked in. "Ah. Sorry Ms. Caitlyn. We forgot to mention that to your friends here." Everyone's eyes were on the doctor. "Well, you have some stitches down your right arm and shoulder. Glass was everywhere, but we don't know why. I am really sorry for not telling you before. You will need to wear a brace and sling for a couple of months to make sure the cuts don't open up again. We got the glass out. So for the next few months, take it easy with that arm." He paused then turned to Chloe. "As for you Ms. Chloe... You had some glass in you as well... what do you two do at home?" he asked, which made me and Chloe laugh. "You had some in your left hand though. You will need a brace as well and take it easy also. You two need to watch out for each other." he paused again. "You, Ms. Chloe, had quite the amount of bruises also. But what happened? I mean Ms. Caitlyn had bruises on her neck... Did you two strangle each other?" We all fell silent. "Ok then, let me wrap you both up and give you your medicine and you may be on your way!"


The doctor wrapped us up, gave me my brace, and left. All the guys gathered around.


"What happened exactly?" asked Harry.


"We will tell you later, tight now we need to change. Will you guys get our medicine for us?" Chloe asked. They nodded then left, all of them.


"Uh... Chloe..." she looked up. "We have a situation..." I pointed to my arm.


She sighed. "I wish to not help you change right now. Just don't put that arm in the shirt sleeve for now. I am hurting and tired." I nodded understanding her. I was tired too. I could walk out of this hospital right now in the gown and not care. I let Chloe change first, which only took a few mintues. Then I went in and took FOREVER! It's hard with one arm.


Chloe's POV


Caitlyn came out about ten minutes later. Poor Cait. That's when I noticed the bruises on her neck. I had some on my arms and legs. She had a few, but not as many as me. I walked up to her and looped my right arm around her left and we walked out of the hospital.


We saw the guys' car and walked up to them. I was still a bit mad at Niall but I have other things to worry about.


"Chloe, it wasn't what you think," he pleaded. I was about to say something but Cait beat me to it.


"It wasn't Chloe," she paused to hop in the car. Liam helped her. I hopped in last. "I saw it. Niall pushed away and Zeke was smirking. I saw him nod to a girl Liam was talking to. Then he walked up to me and forced me to watch her kiss Liam." Liam was going to say something, but Cait didn't stop. "He tried to push away but she pulled him back. I know that's what happened with Niall. Zeke set that whole thing up."


I saw Louis mess with Caitlyn's hair then pulled it back so we all saw the hand marks/bruise. "Explain," he said sternly.


Caitlyn sighed. "After I smacked Zeke, I came back to the hotel to find Chloe. We talked for a sec then I asked if she wanted tea. She said yes and I went to the living room. I went to the full body mirror and notice something run behind me. I turned around and next thing I knew, I couldn't breathe. Now air was going to my lungs, none what so ever. I was then lifted off the ground. He said, 'Told you would regret it' then everything after that was a blur..." I sniffled. I saw a tear escape.


"It wasn't for me," I commented. All eyes were on me. "I was wondering what was taking her so long then I heard something break. I ran into the room to see that. I tried to get her free, but he shoved me into the mirror, not breaking it. I was going to do something but my body went numb. Then the elevator dinged. He threw Caitlyn," she winced at that part. "into the mirror and me, making it break. He escaped through the fire escape. I didn't know what to do. I thought it was the end for us," I said  to Cait. She let some more tears escape. "The last things I saw was your lifeless body and you guys," I couldn't help it anymore. Caitlyn and I both bawled our eyes out. We looked at each other then laughed with tears still coming out. The guys were confused which made us laugh harder. That hurt but we didn't care. I pulled Cait into a hug, making sure I don't harm my hand and her arm. She hugged me back and soon everyone did. What is with our "moments"? I didn't care.


NOTES: Sorry if it's bad. ~Caitlyn


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