Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


27. Should I, Or Shouldn't I.

Chloe's POV

 As we loaded the car I realized we aren't all going to fit. " CAITLYN," I whinned. She came over and covered my mouth. " We are in public.. Now what," she said angrily. I shrugged and said, " Well we all won't fit.," I complained. Next thing you know Caitlyn is lifted away and into the van on Liam's lap. I laughed as I was picked up next by my Nialler. We got in next to Caitlyn and Liam, while Lou was on my other side. Across where. Harry, Zayn, Jennifer, and Marsha. " SOOOO," I said very loud grabbing everyones attention. They starred at me. " STOP STARING," I yelled hiding my face in Niall's shoulder. All I heard was Cait laughing. " She hates people staring at her. Don't know why, but it makes her Chloe," she said with a chuckle. I took my head out from Liam's neck and gasped. I faked slapped her lightly. " There haha," I said triumphally. " Oh bring it," Cait said. I shrugged and hopped on Louis' lap. " Save me," I said jokingly. " I will Carrot Queen," Everyone looked at Lou. " Well, your nickname is Carrot.. and I love carrots," Louis said pointing out the obvious. I nodded, " then you are my Carrot King," Niall looked hurt. " What about me," Niall asked. " Well, your my boyfriend. That's totally different. This is like a brother sister love. We are boyfriend girlfriend love." I said poking his cheek. He smiled, and yet again I see Jennifer glare. What is with this girl? " Well we are here," Liam said pointing at the airport. " Its HUGE," I said exaggerating. " Chlo, its the same airport when we came here," Cait said. I looked at her and said, " Doesn't mean nothing," I said crossing my arms. Caitlyn sighed, " Its the who point," then she put her hand to her forehead.


Liam's POV

 I wrapped my arm's around Cait and got her out of the van and sat her down on the ground. Then the rest of the gang came out. " Alright grab your bags. We must hurry," I said grabbing mine and Cait's. We shuffled into the building trying to find our airplane. Once we found it we quickly boarded it. Now not any ordinary plane. A jet. Once we got on the seats where two and two. Me and Cait were last on. We walked on and Caitlyn stopped to talk to Chloe. Then she quickly cought up. We sat down and buckled up. " So what were you talking about," I said nudging her. " Well Jennifer took the seat next to Niall. Chloe was left to set next to Lou. She seems really down. Then I looked and Jennifer was napping on Niall's shoulder," she said sadly. I nodded and stood up. I quickly made it to Niall's seat. " Niall mate can we talk," I asked. He nodded. " Be back Jenny," He said and followed me to the back of the jets to different seats. " You know your hurting someone," I said looking at him. " Who," he asked. " Chloe.. You abandoned her for Jennifer. She is your bloody girlfriend." I said angrily. " We are just friends I swear. " He said in defense. " Well, take a look at you girl. She was tearing up. Just be careful," I said and walked away back to my seat.


Louis' POV

 Once Chloe sat next to me I realized something. " Why aren't you sitting next to Nialler," I asked. She shook her head and let a tear fall. I wiped it away and she leaned her head on my shoulder. " He is to busy with Jennifer," she whispered. I don't want Niall to hurt her like Zeke did. I nodded and combed through her hair with my hand. " I will give him a stern talking to. No one hurts my Carrot Queen." I said making her laugh a bit. Then Niall looked over. I just ignored him and called for an attendant. " Carrots please." I asked and next thing you know I get a bag of baby carrots. I sat there and shared carrots with Chloe. We laughed and I pulled out my Iphone. I took a picture and then Chloe reached down under her and pulled out her camera. We both put carrots in our mouth and took a picture. I smiled and pinched her cheek. She got up and walked to each seat and took pictures of everyone, except Niall and Jennifer. She sat down and showed me the pictures. I understand why she didn't take a picture of Niall and Jennifer. We shared headphones and I showed her a bunch of video's of me and the lads during some rehearsals dancing. " Whats that dance called," she asked laughing. " Liam calls it The Joe, after his friend." I said making her laugh even more. I saw Niall give me a dirty look and just pretended not to see it. As Chloe reached under her seat Jennifer kissed Niall quickly on the lips. I gasped covering my mouth. Niall pulled away and I pretended to look under the seat. I got up and Chloe looked at me funny. " What where you doing," she asked giggling. I shrugged and she just shook her head smiling. I can't tell her. Or should I?


NOTE: Dun dun dun... ~ Your Author ;}

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