Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


17. Save You Tonight!

Chloe's POV

I sat there and it was madness. It was like when I was younger... ALONE.. I sighed and stood up. I was wearing my fuzzy Chicago Bears pants and my Cross-Country sweat-shirt.. Sooo matchy. I just slipped on my high tops and grabbed my cell. I closed my door quietly and snook out the door.. Super secret ninja turtle!!! haha no, but I started to walk to Starbucks knowing Caitlyn and all.  I was walking till I heard a cell ring. I looked at mine. Nothing. Then I looked down an ally and saw something glowing. I ran to it and saw it was Caitlyn's. I picked up the phone. " I knew you would go looking for her." Then he hung up. He as in the horrible person who breaks people's hearts. I looked at the phone again and it had 2 texts.

Liam- Come back, its getting late and I think I thought of something to get Chloe to talk.

(unknown)- You want Caitlyn.Well meet me (address) and you can have her. As long as you come with me.

I sighed. Well, Liam I bet it doesn't work. I just put the phone in my butt pocket and kept walking. Im going to get Cait back, and Im never ever getting back together(c;) with him. I ran back home and got into the elevator. I ran o ou door. Smart enough to leave your key in the apartment. Yeah thats me. I knocked and I heard Niall yell, " Who is it," I needed to speak. Thats it I gave in. " I... Is me. quickly," I said. Niall opened the door ad hugged me. He whispered, " Your finally speeking." I let go and handed him the phone with the text from Zeke. I ran to th kitchen and grabbed a knife. " Lets go," I said. Niall nodded and ran to each of the boys room telling them. I decided to go back to silent treatment. We all got into the van and started to drive.


Caitlyn's POV

I fluttered open my eyes to bright lights. I looked at my surrounding. I was tied to an old chair. FabuLouis (c;). " Ah finally awake," Zeke laughed. " What do you want," I said getting angry. " Chloe... she will come... unless she wants you to die." he said walking away. That... that.. BASTARD. Thats it. I tried to check my pocket for my phone. I must have dropped it after.... god knows what. I sa there till I heard a door behind me creek open slowly. I heard a few whispers before I saw someone with a knife come near me. Oh geez. " What do you think your doing," Zeke asked. I turned back around to see him facing forward. The person stood strait and shrugged. " I said wait till Chloe response to the text I left on Caitlyn's phone. The person nodded. " Watch her, I need a nap. 30 mintues tops," Zeke said and walked away. The person was in a ski mask and just stared at me. " Uh.. Hi," I said. They lifted t knife and  was about to scream, but the cut the ropes. I stood up as Liam rushed in and held me tight. I started to silently cry into his chest. I kissed his cheek and turned to look at the person. They started to walk towards Zeke's room.. Then Niall came flying in. He went up to the person and took their knife and set it down. Then he picked the person up and whispered to us, " Lets go," Liam nodded and picked me up. We ran out of... Im guessing an old building, but who knows, an into the van. We all sat down and Harry started driving. I just stared at the person in he mask. Who was it.


Niall's POV

 Caitlyn kept staring at her. Its like she doesn't even know her. I took off her masking forgeting she probably had it on. I swiftly took the mask off of Chloe's head leaving her with funny hair. Caitlyn gasped and hugged Chloe tightly. Chleo sat there shocked, but hugged back. When they let go we all stared at Chloe. She looked around and sighed. " I love you guys," She said and smiled. We all cheered and held Chloe close. " I missed hearing your beautiful voice," I whispered. She giggled and pecked my lips. Soon we arrived at the hotel. Tomorrow's schedual - Interview, concert, backstage people, interview, pack stuff, catch flight. I sighed, but I was glad to hear Chloe's voice again. We all walked to our rooms smiling. But before Chloe walked into her and Cait's room I gave her a long pationate kiss. " Love you Niall," She said sweetly. " And I love you.. more then food Chloe. " She gasped, but soon we both laughed and headed to bed.


NOTE: Hi.... Okay today Im going to go on a typing spree. Im going to be home alone so.. Yeah. And so The chapters will be posted at different times. Thanks and hve a great day, the choice is yours! ~ Your Author ;}

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