Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


23. Revenge is... Sticky?

A/N: Im going to skip to the next day... Soooo yeah enjoy. :)

Caitlyn's POV

 I woke up at unusual time. I got up and started to hum They Don't Know About Us. Chloe walk up stiring. I just laughed, but soon face to face with a pillow. I fell on my butt, " Ouch, Chlo," I said rubbing my butt. She just laughed. But I laughed even harder at her hair. She just put a fist up and walked out to the living room. Then I heard a thump, which made me laugh on the edge of my limit. I walked out to the living room to Chloe laying on the ground. " You alright," I asked. She shook her head, " Im just going to lay here," she said. I nodded and took a seat on the couch. I aint messin with her today. To tierd. Then I heard the pitter patter of feet. Then out came a Louis. He looked at Chloe then at me. I shrugged and he shrugged back. Louis crouched next to Chloe and said, " The floor is not a place to sleep." he said standing back up and walking to the kitchen. I hope he doesn't mess with her. She is NOT a morning person. Very cranky to tell you the truth. I was about to turn on the telly till I heard Louis come back with a bag of flour, " Lo.. " but I was to late. The bag of flour was poured all over Chloe. " Lou.... Run," he looked at me and down he went. Chloe screamed in pain. " WRONG HAND," She screamed clutching it. I looked at her and she was all white, but I saw a tear fall down. I got up and sighed. I walked to Liam's room, he was bunking with Niall, and sat on the edge of his bed. " Yes Cait," he said rubbing his eyes sitting up. " You didn't hear that," I said cocking my head. " I did, do you want me.." He didn't know what to say. " I need you to be like a dad and fix up Chlo.. She.. um... yeahhhh.. I would but yeah, " I said standing up. He nodded and stood up. Plaid pajama pants and not shirt. " Nice abs," I said giggling. He just rubbed the back of his neck. Then I led him to the mess. Louis was gone and Chloe just layed there. " Chlo c'mon time to get up." I said poking her. She just layed there. I turned to see Liam had gotten Niall. Niall came over and picked up Chloe. " MMMMM," she mumbled. I laughed as Liam followed as Niall sat her on the couch.


Niall's POV

 I sat Chlo down on the couch and Liam cleaned her hand up as best he could with out hurting her. Liam walked over and helped Caitlyn with the rest of the mess. I sat next to Chloe and wiped the flour out of her eyes. " You okay babe?" I asked. she smiled, but it faded quickly. " tierd?" I asked. She nodded. I just laughed. " Here," I said kissing her passionatly. When I pulled away she was giggling. " You have a bit of flour on your face," she said smiling. " I don't care as long as your smiling. " Chlo, you might need to take a shower. We are leaving soon. We were lucky management gave us an extra day here." Liam said throwing away some paper towel. She nodded and walked to take a shower. " Cait, is Chloe..." I said but she interupted me by saying, " Not a morning person. Correct. See when she is tierd. Its either she is cranky, or she looks like a drunk person," she said sitting down on a chair. I just laughed. " Well thats interesting," I said. She nodded," Well Chloe is something special. Always trying to try new things, some are a bit dangerous," she said shrugging. I nodded. Soon out comes a cheerful Chloe. " HI," She yelled pretty loud. " revenge time," she said evily rubbing her hands together. We all watched as she grabbed a dozen eggs. " Chlo.." to late she was gone. I ran quickly as I watched as she threw eggs at Louis. " CHLOE," Louis yelled. " REVENGE MUWAHAHAHA," Chloe said running away. She grabbed a room key and was out. I grabbed my phone and follow. She was at the end of the hallway looking outside. " Enjoying the view," I said wrapping my arms around her," she nodded. " An adventure." she said pulling out a camera and taking a picture of us. " Best adventure," I corrected her making he smile. Next thing you know out pops an egg covered Lou. Chloe snapped a pick and started to press the elevator button. We got on before Lou made it to us. We sat on the elevator floor laughing. Chloe sat her camera down, so I snapped a picture of her laughing. When we hit the bottom we hit our floor number and went back up. When we got up I picked her up by the waist and ran to the door. " Goof," she said opening the door. When we walked in my mouth dropped. I quickly took Chloe in my arms and turned around....




" HAZZA PUT PANTS ON NOW," I yelled. Chloe was having a laugh attack.


NOTE: Bet you were scared it was Zeke. Lol silly Hazza. Sorry its not long. Not very many ideas in da brain tonight. ~Your Author ;}

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