Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


25. Oh No You Didn't

Chloe's POV

 " HI," I said still hugging Niall. They just hid behind Zayn. " They are shy," He said walking in. I nodded and ran to my room. " NIALL I NEED HELP PACKING," I yelled laying on the floor. I heard the door open and next thing you know someone is sitting on me. I open my eyes and see my blonde haired Irish boy. I patted him on the back and said, " Hey Niall Im not a seat." he laughed and got up. " I know," He said smiling and helped me up. He took out my suit case and zipped it open as I brought over my clothes. and threw them on the floor. We started to fold them, or at least I did. Niall tried, but didn't do the best. Then I heard his tummy grumble. " How about I pack, and you go make us sandwiches." He hopped up and said, " Good with me," he said and trotted to the kitchen. I just laughed finishing up folding my clothes. I tried to zip it, but nothing. " Need help love," Harry asked. I nodded. He came over and sat on my suit case. I zipped it up and stood up victorious. We highfived and waled to the kitchen. I started to walk in, but I saw Jennifer helping Niall. Both giggling. I felt the rage bubbling in me. I just clenched my fists and walked to mine and Cait's room. I shut the door and locked it. I grabbed my Ipod and started to play Lean On Me really loud so I couldn't hear anyone. I sat in front of the window and tried to clear my thoughts.


Niall's POV

 After I finished making sandwiches with Jennifer I walked to Chloe's and Caitlyn's room. I tried opening it, but it was locked. Weird. I knocked, but no answer. " CAIT," I yelled. She came over and asked, " What's up," I sighed and said, " Chlo won't open the door." She nodded and put a finger to her chin as if a professor. " Did you anger her," she asked. I shook my head and said, " I just made sandwiches with Jennifer..." I stopped there. " There ya go," she said crossing her arms. " But I was just trying to open her up to the rest of us, I was trying to make her laugh," I said in defense. " Well from her point of view ,it must have been flirting." she said walking to the living room. I stood there and waited. Then she brought Liam back with her. " Go ahead," she said. Liam used all his force and the door opened. I quickly went in there to see Chloe asleep listening to music quite loud, on the floor. I laughed and took her headphones out and set it on the nightstand. I picked her up and layed her on her bed and moved the stray hair out of her face. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled, but it faded quickly. I sighed and said," I was just trying to get her to open up, I made her laugh once, and if she was to flirt, I wouldn't care. Im yours and you are mine." she smiled and a tear fell. I wiped it away and she hugged me tight. Then I heard a grumble. " Hungry?" I asked. she nodded and I stood up and threw her over my shoulder. She laughed and said, " NIALL, put me down you goof," I just walked out of the room and sat her on the kitchen stool. I put the plate of two sandwiches in front of her. Her eyes bugged out and I just laughed. " I can't eat 2!" she said laughing. " Then I will eat the other." I said eating one. She smiled and started to eat hers.


Caitlyn's POV

I sat on Liam's lap and watched as Chlo and Nialler ate there sandwich. I could have sworn I saw Jennifer glare at them. Must be my imagination. " Well, lads, and ladies, we are leaving in a few so pack your bags and bring them out here," Liam said. " Oh how your such a daddy," I said patting his chest getting up myself. This will be a long day.


NOTE: Hey.. sorry my mind isn't buzzin'.. My bro left for basic training so my mind is everywhere. Also. 5 DAY WEEKEND BABY.. haha lol CARROTS... KEVIN.. ~Your Author ;}


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