Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


13. Oh Dear

Chloe's POV

"SO CALL ME MAYBE!!!" Cait and I screamed. Then we all busted out laughing. I pushed a few more buttons, even though I had no clue what they meant. Caitlyn smacked my hand away, but not before 'Still the One' came one. Cait sighed knowing what lies ahead. "I WAS SO STUPID TO FOR LETTING YOU GO! BUT I-I-I KNOW YOU'RE STILL THE ONE!" I screamed while the guys laughed. Then we pulled into the Texas Corral parking lot. We pulled our hoods up and put our shades on, all except Caitlyn because she has glasses. And Louis put on his fake mustache.


"Alright lads, and girls, we need to NOT draw attention to ourselves," Louis said fixing his mustache. And we all started laughing.


"Yeah...ok! Seven people, that just arrived in a limo, walks into Texas Corral. All of them have their hood up and shades on and one has a fake mustache..." Caitlyn said. "This is going to be SOO easy," she said sarcastically. "I mean, who would pay attention?" We all laughed but soon stopped because of her logic. She was right.


Liam put his arm around her and she tensed. She looked a bit uncomfortable. I feel bad. I mean she has had some guys ask her out but she declined. I had a boyfriend. Not going to tell the story. Liam pulled Caitlyn closer to him and she tensed even more. "Relax babe. Everything will be ok." I think he just noticed her tense. "Relax. We won't get caught," he said in a calm and soothing voice. 'Getting caught isn't why she's tensing' I wanted to say, but thought. I saw her give him a slight smile.


"LET'S GO!" screamed Niall... Someone is hungry, wait, that's all the time.


We walked out of the limo one by one: Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam and Caitlyn, then Niall and I. Niall snaked his arm around my waist. I am lucky to have him. We walked into Texas Corral.


"Hello! Welcome to Texas Corral. How many?" the hostest asked.


"Um... table for 7 towards the back please," Liam told the host. She nodded and lead us to the back like we asked.


"Your waiter will be here in a second," she chirped then walked, more like skipped, away. We all sat down for a sec checking our surroundings. Not that many people. (seating order going around the table: Liam, Caitlyn, Chloe, Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn)


Caitlyn's POV

There weren't that many people and the people here were adults. We decided to put down the hoods and take off the shades. Louis kept the mustache on which made us laugh a bit. He looked around confused like he didn't know we were laughing at him. That just made us laugh even more. We got some awkward stares from some people but ignored them. Then we all went slient. I knew what was coming up next...


"WOULD HE SAY HE'S IN L.O.V.E!" screamed Chloe.


"WELL IF IT WAS ME, I WOULD!" Niall screamed back. We all laughed. They were perfect for each other. I am happy she is happy again. After that break-up with her ex, I am just glad she is happy. Lets just say, I would've hurt him more than Chloe would've but we all know I can't fight and don't have the guts too.


After that, we decided to look at the menus. We went silent again so we could think of what to eat and drink. We were discussing what's good and what to get.


"Hello. I will be your waiter tonight..." that voice... can't be. I kept my menu up and looked at Chloe. She was just as shcoked as me, except she was frozen. I put my hand on her shoulder to calm her but she stayed frozen.


Oh dear...


"My name is Zeke. What would you like to drink? 


NOTE: What do you think? Who is Zeke? I guess we will find out... ~Your Co-Author

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