Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


33. No no no

Chloe's POV

 My face HURT. " Im sorry Cait," I mumbled into the floor. I didn't want to move. " Are you okay," she asked patting my back. " No," I mumbled. " can you move," Cait asked. " no... it really really hurts." I said in a british accent. She just laughed. " NIALL," Cait yelled. I heard some one trot in. Next thing you know Im lifted off the ground. I felt so numb. He sat me on the couch. Still didn't move. " Aren't  you going to move," Niall asked kissing my cheek. " No.. I hurts and I feel so numb," I said angry. I glance over to Jennifer almost laughing. Oh no girl. I stood up and yelled, " GIRL YOU BACK OFF," and next thing I know Im down again, but on my back. Niall hovered over me. " You alright," he asked. " Get. Zayn. NOW," I said angry. He nodded and trotted off and brought back Zayn. " Yes," Zayn said while helping me on the couch. " Your sister needs to back off." I said glaring at her. " Says the girl who face planted," she said giggling. " THE FLOOR NEEDED A HUG," I said and got up and walked to mine and Cait's room. Caitlyn walked in with ice. " yes," I said laying down. She came over and sat the ice on my face. " Your face in red," she said holding the ice still. " I just want them to go." I said crying now. She sighed. " Niall's here," she whispered. I took the ice off and looked at him. " Im sorry," he just laughed and hugged me. " They are going home now," he whispered. I just let out a big sigh and hugged him. " in a week," he finished. I let out a grunt. Liam came walking in. " We leave in 10," then he walked away.


Niall's POV

 We got ready and I was waiting for Chlo and Lou till they both came out at the same time, since there room are across from each other. " woah," I said. Both were stripes, red skinny jeans, suspenders, and TOMS. " Hey twin," Chlo winked. Louis put his arm around her and we walked out. *Backstage getting ready. After they finished with me I walked out to go to get snacks. I was going to grab a cracker, but someone covered my eyes. " Jennifer I swear.." I started. " Wow, don't even try to guess your girlfriend." then she disappeared. Great work Niall. Then here comes mommy. " What did you do to Chlo," Caitlyn asked. " Well, she covered my eyes and if it was Jennifer I wanted to make sure I wouldn't upset, but I obviously didn't succeed," I said sighing. " Really," I turned around to Chloe. " Sorry babe," I said as she ran into my arms. Caitlyn just walked away. Chloe pecked my cheeks and followed like a duckling. I grabbed some crackers and turned around to a horrid sight. Liam kissing Marsha. I saw Chloe push them apart then run like her pants where on fire. " Cait.." Liam whispered and ran to her. Well..


 Caitlyn's POV

 Horrible. Now I know how Chlo felt when it happened to her twice. Liam hugged me. " She kissed me I swear," he whispered. I just stood there. I push him away and sighed, " I know," Then walked into the hallway to see the snack table with juice on the ground with Chloe. Niall was helping her. My special snowflakes. " He is mine," Marsha whispered passing by. Girl no no no.

A/N : Sorry its short.. Leavin for my dads house so.. Yeah. ~ Your Author ;}

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