Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


19. Niall and Zeke

Caitlyn's POV

 As I saw Chloe run out I knew I couldn't catch her so I sent Harry and Liam after her. I stomped into Niall's room full of rage. " WHAT DID YOU DO," I yelled at him. He just looked at me. He opened his mouth and then closed it quickly. I sighed and looked down, " Look what did you ask her.. Did you ask her about Zeke," I said looking up at the last part. He shook his head. " No  asked what her and Liam are keeping a secret." He said crossing his arms. " Well see me knowing how Liam can't lie I found out the truth.. and it was about Zeke." I said and ran out to chase after Chlo too. I got outside and started to walk. I stoped and texted Liam.

Caitlyn- Where are you

Liam- at the park around the corner. We finally got Chlo

Caitlyn- Im guessing the slide.

Liam- Yeah we cornered her...

Caitlyn- I see you.. be there soon

I walked to where the boys were at. Harry held Chloe by the waist with one hand, and the other held her hands. She was crying so that was probably not helping. " She won't calm." Li said hugging me. I nodded. " Hey Chlo.. do you want to go get some duck tape.. We can make as many things as you want," I said looking into her eye. She stopped squirmin and said, " r.. really," she asked. I nodded and Harry set her down. She wiped her tears. " You know I think its time to tell everyone... but can I talk to Liam private first," Chloe asked. I nodded and me and Harry started walking home giving them space.


Chloe's POV

 We sat on the swings and Liam said, " What is it Chloe." he asked. " I need you to tell them, but instead the stabbing. Tell them the one I told Cait. The one where I cut myself under water." I said never looking up." Of course," Liam said giving me a big hug. I smiled and we walked home. " Well in about an hour we must get to our interview," Liam said as we got into the elevator. I nodded. " Does that mean Me and Cait can come." I asked like a kid. He laughed and nodded. We walked into the hotel room and I gave Liam a look saying ' tell them now' and walked to my room. I sat there for a good 3 mintues before Niall burst in startling me. I held my heart as he has tears down his face. " Are you okay Niall?" I asked. He ran and held me tight. " Im so sorry," He mumbled into my shoulder. I held him back and started to cry myself. We pulled away and looked into each others eyes. " No more secrets," Niall said smiling. I smiled back and nodded. But I couldn't do that to him. No tell him the real truth.


Niall's POV

 After a half an hour we all got into another limo to head to our first interview. *after interview and at the concert. (sorry to tierd to type it out)* We started to get ready as I noticed Chloe and Caitlyn were gone. " Where's the girls?" I asked. " Some stage people asked them to help with sound system." said Liam. I thought evily. After they finished my hair I grabbed Lou and we snuck to the stage. " What are we doing," Lou whisered. " Scaring the girls.. So when we scare Chlo. Plug your ears." I whispered back. We opened a curtain to see Chloe speaking into th mic. As Caitlyn kept walking back seeing how good she could hear it. Thats when me and Louis ran and grabbed her. She screamed bloody murder causing Cait to plug her ears and fall. Chloe was in a ball on the ground. " Chloe you okay." I said and she didn't answer. I put my hand on her shoulder making her jump. She had tears streaming down her face. The other lads came running out. " Chloe?" I asked. " WHAT," She yelled. Oh no. Liam jumped off stage and ran to Cait. I think we just made the girls loose there hearing. I looked at Chloe and she just looked like a lost puppy. I grabbed my cell and called 911. They soon arrived and took the girls. I almosted cried knowing that they had to go, but we must not disappoint our fans.



Chloe's POV

 After we got our hearing back we walked to the lobby to see Paul. I smiled and yelled, " LETS GO," Paul nodded and we drove to the concert knowing it was over. I sighed as we grabbed our coats and walked back stage. " Remember girls that they are meeting fans. I nodded. Caitlyn gave me a piggy back to the door. I jumped off and she opened the door. My jaw dropped. Caitlyn looked at me as the tears fell faster then my feet were running. I ran fast as lightning out of there. I didn't care. All I saw was Niall and Zeke both kissing other girls. No one wants me. Im just so worthless to them. I only have Cait.. Do I?


NOTE: Okay that ends the typing spree.. GOODNIGHT MY CARROTS ~ Your Author ;}

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