Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


41. Like a ghost

Chloe's POV

 I finally stopped crying (somewhat) and looked at Niall. He just put a smile on. I smiled back and kissed his cheek. " Sorry you can go get your crisps," I said smiling. " Im not leaving till I know you are sleeping in peace," I nodded as he lifted me and started to walk towards mine and Caitlyn's room. When we walked in Liam was laying in bed with Cait.... reading a book. (dirty minded people you :) jk).  Niall layed me on the bed and layed next to me softly singing. I smiled and hugged him snuggling into his chest. He just chuckled. I heard Liam shut the book and lay his head next to Caitlyn's. SO CUTE. I drifted off slowly to Niall's beautiful voice. I recognized that tune. Loved You First. I smiled and fell asleep. * Next morning* I woke up to Niall.. poking my cheek. I swiftly grabbed his finger. " Yes," I said with my eyes still closed. He just laughed. " Breakfast provided by.." I stopped him. " You," I asked sitting up. He shook his head laughing, " No no, the hotel provided." I smiled. He walked away and brought back two plates. I sat up and made room for both of us. Not even half way through with my food and Niall was already finished. He walked away and brought back with him his guitar. He strummed a bit while I finished my food. I looked over and Caitlyn was still sleeping, but Liam was just relaxing. I laughed and picked up both plates. Totally forgetting I couldn't walk. I fell on the floor with the plates making loud noises. Niall was laughing helping me in my wheel chair. I looked over to Caitlyn rubbing her head. " Sorry Cait," I said getting comfortable. She just smiled and cuddled up to Liam.


Niall's POV

 I wheeled Chloe out of the room, but of course after helping her change. I wheeled her by Harry and Louis. " Im going to go get more food." I said walking out. I went to the lobby and walked to the counter. Before the person saw me I saw the glimps that made me run. Zeke. I quickly got into the elevator freaking out. I pressed the room button trying my hardest to calm down. When it opened I ran to the door and opened. They all looked at me. " Nialler it looks like you have seen a ghost." Louis said laughin. " More like Zeke," I whispered. They all looked at me. Chloe didn't she just stared at the wall. " Chlo." I whispered walking up to her. She didn't move. Caitlyn and Liam walked out to the living room. " Why did it get so quiet." Liam asked. I wanted to answer, but the door flew open. Liam grabbed Cait and ran with her to there room. I looked at him and he just said," Room service," I just looked at Chloe. So pale. " I won't let him take you," I whispered. " How did you get out," Louis asked full of anger. " I have powerful friends," He said pulling out a gun. I just back up covering Chloe. " Its either you pretty boys die, or one of the girls come." He said waving the gun. I was going to answer, but Chloe was gone. I looked around. " Well," he said impatient. I was scared. I looked at him and Chloe was crawling behind him. She quickly bashed him in the head with a lamp. and he was down. Then barged in police. I ran to Chloe.


Caitlyn's POV

 Liam wouldn't let me go. My sisters out there for gods sake. " I called the police," he whispered I nodded. Then I heard a crash and the door open. NO. I wiggled out of Liam's grip and ran out. Niall was holding Chloe and the police took him away. I sighed out relief. Liam wrapped his arms around me. " Does he have to be everywhere we are," I asked crying now. " shh.. shhh. It will be okay."  Liam whisepred. I nodded as he pulled out his ringing phone. He hung up and looked at me. " It was management," he whispered. He had everyone's attention. " They said...."


Note: What did they say. BTW to put a heads up. There WILL be a sequal when and if we want to stop this and start a  sequal. But not any time soon. ~ Your Author ;}

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