Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)


39. Brave and Tough.. Like a Cookie!

Chloe's POV

 As they got close to the car I wanted to make sure she was okay. So I jumped. I hit the ground with a thud but got up quickly and ran even though pain was going every time I moved. I got up to the house. Door knobs so last year. I slammed into the door and fell in. I looked up to Zeke heating a knife. Caitlyn was tied to a chair. NO. I layed there in pain. " Came back eh." he said slamming the door and locking it. " Let her go. Im the one you want," I said barely breathing. " NO," Caitlyn cried out. I shook my head. Zeke lifted me by the hair and placed the hot knife on my cheek letting it burn. I cried out in pain. " Don't worry," Zeke whispered dragging me to  the kitchen. I felt limp. " PLEASE LET HER GO," Caitlyn cried. I don't want her to hurt. Zeke threw me at the fridge. " You or her," He said waving his knife, but before I could answer the police barged in. He was furious and threw the knife. He threw it between my arm and side making look like I got hit. So I acted dead. He just laughed. I slightly opened my eyes, but not enough for him to see, I saw him gladly getting taken away. Then the boys ran in. I just closed my eyes thinking its finally over. " NOOOOOOOOOOO," I heard Niall cry out.  Did he think I was dead? I was just in pain. I opened my eyes and said, " Nialler Im okay," He shot his head up and indulged me in a hug. I just laughed. He pulled away a gasped. " He burned you," he whispered. " He was going to kill Cait if I hadn't done anything." I said mad. Then Cait ran over and hugged me saying, " You idiot you could have died." she said crying. She pulled away. " Im still here aren't I," I said making everyone chuckle. Niall picked me up bridal style and brought me out to the ambulance.


*At da Hospital* Niall's POV

 She could have died. All for her sister. " She is brave," Louis said patting my back. I nodded, " And tough," he nodded back. We waited for the girls to come out. Caitlyn was the first to come walking out. She smiled and hugged Liam. " Hey at least he is in jail now," Zayn said trying to lift the mood. " Thank god for that," Caitlyn said sitting next to me. " You are pretty lucky to have someone as brave as Chloe," I said giving her a side hug. She nodded. " I was scared to loose her back there, but she promised to never to leave me," Cait said with a chuckle. " She maybe a little off, but sometimes her crazy actions are worth what they are," Caitlyn said smiling looking at the ceiling. " Your cheek looks like it took the most damage," Harry said looking at it. Liam kissed her cheek and said, " Well in time it will heal." I smiled. These  are my mates. Then a nurse wheeled out Chloe. And thats my girlfriend. Chloe smiled at me. I got up and walked to her taking her hand. The nurse handed me her pills. " Twice a day," she said and walked away. Chloe just grunted throwing her head back. " There's our tough cookie," Harry said giving her a hug. " Can I have a cookie," Chloe asked. I just chuckled and nodded. " WOOHOO," Chlo yelled throwing her hands in the air making us all laugh. I wheeled Chloe to the door till Kevin ran in. He gasped, but then gave Chloe a hug. I felt something inside. Jealousy? I guess Chloe saw cause she squeezed my hand. I smiled and kissed her cheek. " You alright," Kevin asked. She nodded," Just a little accident," she said smiling. We all looked at her bugged eyes. " What," She said shrugging her shoulders. " Thats my Chlo," Caitlyn said smiling.


*In the hotel room* Caitlyn's POV

 When we got home I wheeled Chlo to the kitchen. The hospital was nice enough to give us the wheel chair. " Medicine." I said grabbing a glass. " No," she said crossing her arms. I sighed. " NIALL," I yelled. He trotted in, " what?" He asked. I whispered, " Put the pill in your mouth and kiss her," I paused thinking how disgusting, " And use your toung to put in her mouth." I said secretly handing him the pill. He nodded. He walked away and came back. Chloe still had her arms crossed. " Kiss to make it better," he asked. She smiled. They started to kiss till I see Chloe's eyes bug out. Niall pulled away and she pretended to choke. " YOU TRICKED ME," She yelled waving her arms in the air. Me and Niall just laughed. " Don't be difficult next time I tell you to take it," I said walking away. " Okay MOM," she yelled back. I just shook my head and walked into Liam's room. " Sup my lady," Liam said weirdly. I just laughed and hoped on his bed with him. " And this is my beautiful girlfriend," Liam said hugging me. Twitcam. " Liam," I said in a whinny tone. He just laughed. " You gotta love her. yeah?" he said kissing my cheek. I just shook my head. " Hey my fellow Directioners," I said waving. Liam just looked at me dumb founded. I just laughed. " I was a fan," I said poking him. " Was," liam said hurt. I sighed, " Im still one Li. and I have a crush on the cute guy name Liam," I said putting my finger on my chin. He gasped, " I will hurt him. Trying to take my lady," He said making me giggle. " You big goof its you." He just laughed with me.


Chloe's POV

 Dirty tricks like these need revenge. I wheeled myself to Lou's room. " Hey Chloe mo," he said putting his laptop on the side. I role up to him. " I need help with revenge," I said laughign evily.


A/N: GASP. Love ya Cait haha. Whatchya think my fellow Directioners. What will Louis plan with Chloe. ~ Your Author ;}

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