Two Minds, One Direction

Chloe and Caitlyn are sisters. Never fighting, and always wanting a new adventure. The two wanted to go to London. And they did, but what they didn't know was moving in the house next to One Direction would change alot about them. What do you think will happen. Read and find out. ;)



Niall's POV

 After the girls left I had to find Chloe. I frantically ran trying to find them. I ran to the boys saying, " We have to go home quickly!" I said and bolted tot he van. The boys followed quickly. *In the elevator* " Niall did.. did a girl force you to kiss her," Liam asked clenching his fists. I nodded. " I saw him," Harry said looking at the door. " Who," I asked. " It was Zeke." he said coldly. " THAT BLOODY BASTARD," I yelled as the elevator dinged. I ran quickly to the door. I heard something drop, shatter, and feet quickly moving. I slid th key to the room in and swiftly opened the door. What I saw was ghastly. " I will call 911," Lou said frantically. I ran over to the girls. Liam helped get Cait off of Chlo. I held Chloe in my arms and laid her on the couch. Zayn and Harry where cleaning the broken glass as I watched Chloe. Her eyes opened the slightest. " Ple.. please.. let... let Cait l.. live if.. not... not me," she said and her eyes closed. I held her close to me crying. Soon the paramedics came and took them to the hospital. " She is so caring to her sister." I said quietly. Liam put his hand on my shoulder. " I know this pains you as much as it pains me, but we must go to the concert. I nodded and we all left this horrible building. But before I got into the van I saw that bastard run by... damn you Zeke..


Chloe's POV

 It was cold.. no freezing. It was all white. How dull. I walked around.. no where. " CAIT... NIALL," I yelled. " CHLOE," I heard in the distance. I looked around and ran like it was to save my life. I see Cait. I ran quickly to her and we hugged each other tight. " Where are we," Caitlyn asked looking around. I shrugged, " Well if I knew I would tell ya." We both laughed, but before we knew it we were plumiting.. But where? We closed our eyes hoping nothing will hurt us. " Is she awake yet," I heard an Irish accent. " No," said someone. I opened my eyes. We where in a hospital. " NIALL," I cheered happily. I ran to him.. more like ran through him. I turned to Caitlyn sliding her hand back and forth through Liam's head. I just laughed. " Well this is not going to work," I said. I looked around and saw that it was me and Cait in hospital beds. I let a tear fall knowing who did this. " Well, I don't know when they will awake, but we must wait it out," The doctor said. " But we have to leave tomorrow," Niall pleaded. The doctor nodded and said, " We will keep them here then till they are well enough to return to you," He left after that. " DON'T LEAVE US," I screamed even though I know he couldn't hear me. Caitlyn put a hand on my shoulder reasuring me it will be okay. But I know it wont


Liam's POV

*the next morning* We all walked into the hospital knowing we probably have to leave them behind. We had our coats on and were bundled up. I opened the door to see the girls, there color is returning to there skin. At least they are not dieing. I sighed and walked over to Cait. " If only you could come." I whispered. Then I heard a yawn, and Niall yell, " SHE'S AWAKE,". I turned around t0 Chloe plugging her ears. " Yeah awake.. AND DEAF," I just laughed. But I also her giggles. Girl giggles. I turned around to see Cait laughing and rubbing her eyes. " A MIRACLE," Louis proclaimed. I hugged Caitlyn tight. " How," Harry asked. " Me and Caitlyn woke in the middle of the night," Chloe said smiling. " I woke first," Caitlyn siad sticking her toung out. " Well, did you pack me clothes. Cause Im pretty sure a hospital gown with a bath open is not appealing." Chloe said stretching. I nodded as Zayn handed each girl the bag. We left the room letting them change. Me and the lads cheered thankful to have them back. " Let's just have our eyes peeled for Zeke, yeah?" Louis said patting my back. I nodded smiling.

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