I Can't Think Why...

How to do a stupid thing and then make it a whole lot worse


1. Why o why

I can't think why I did what I did

Or said what I stupid well said

Those words that were so hurtful

Sounded right inside my head


It's been so hard to read you

You love to hide in sight

I tried to understand you

All it got me was a fight


'I don't want you to know me'

And all that kinda stuff

But how could we be friends like that?

It never was enough


I had to know, I had to poke

I couldn't let it go

I dragged it out and jumped on it

Now you don't want to know


Every single thing I added

Only served to make things worse

And now I'm left with nothing

All except this worthless verse


I'm going to make myself a drink

And ponder on my folly

And maybe when I'm roaring drunk

I'll feel a bit more jolly


There's nowhere left for us to go

Of that I'm clearly certain

So now it's time for me to leave

And close the final curtain









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