One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


9. Ch 9.

Eleanor's POV:
I was with Sophie in the car when we saw Emma walking crying as if she got lost or something "hey isn't that Emma"? Sophie asked "I think it is Emma" I said as I parked the car and got off "Emma" I yelled as I runned to her "aunty El" she said "where's your mom and Alex"? I asked "the bad guy took her and Alex" she cried "what? whos is this bad guy"? I asked worriedly "I think his name is Austin he said we will be a new family and if mommy and Alex won't come he will kill daddy" she said crying even harder as I hugged her "do you want to tell daddy"? I asked she nodded as we went back to the car "Emma" Sophie said "Aunty Sophie" she said hugging Sophie "sweetie how come you're walking by yourself"? Sophie asked "Austin took mommy and Alex while I escaped" she said and Sophie got mad "I should've known Austin is the one that took them do you know where he took them"? Sophie asked " he took them to a van"Emma said "who is this Austin guy"? I asked "Austin is Nicole's ex boyfriend they were dating before Nicole and Liam were dating and he cheated on her and abused her" Sophie said "Oh my god we have to tell Liam and the boys about this"I said as we drove to Nicole and Liam's house as we reach to their house I took the phone from the living room and dialed Liam's number on it "Emma sweetie do you want to talk to daddy"? I asked while giving the phone to her "yes" she said taking the phone.

Liam's POV:
We just finish performing as I walk off the stage while lots of directioners scream I heard my phone rang and answered "hello" I said "hi daddy" Emma said "Emma how is things with mommy"? I asked "good but daddy there was a problem" Emma said I panicked what was the problem "baby what is the problem"? I asked "the bad guy took mommy and Alex at school i got scared "Em can you tell me who is this bad guy" I asked "his name is Austin and Aunty Sophie said him and mommy used to date before you and mommy were dating, he also said that we will be a new family soon and if mommy and Alex won't go he will kill you" Emma said suddenly I wasn't scared anymore I was angry that guy who Nicole used to date before me and Nicole got together took my wife and Alex and said they will be a new family soon "Em sweetie do you know where he took them"? I asked "he took them on a van and drove off " Emma said I can't believe that jerk kidnapped Nicole and Alex, I have to tell the guys and Paul to cancel the rest of the tour and come home to London.
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