One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


8. Ch 8.

Austin's POV:
I'm back! Remember me Austin the guy who dated Nicole before that looser Liam took her from me I got out of jail since i have been here for a year, I walked up to the nearest store to buy food when I found a magazine with Nicole and Liam in it it says "Liam and Nicole finally married" and saw a picture of them with their kids who are twins my face turned red I can't believe she got married and have kids with him when it supposed to be me well not that long I will make Nicole and the kids mine and we will be a new family soon.

Nicole's POV:
I woke up when I saw the time it read 7:00 "oh shoot i have to drop the kids to school" I said to myself as I got off and woke up the kids "Emma and Alex time to go to school" I yelled while i make breakfast "mommy do I have to go to school" Alex said sleepily "yes baby remember when daddy said its important to go to school to learn"? I asked he just nodded they ate and we left to go to the school and drop them off and went back to the house I pulled my phone when Liam had texted me

To: Nicole
"Hey babe I can't wait to see you in just 3 more months then I will be home to you I love you so much xx Liam
I texted him back

To: Liam
From: Nicole
"Hey babe how is the tour so far? And I love you too and can't wait for you to come home and the kids is excited to see their dad". xxoo Nicole

To: Nicole
"Its good so far tell the kids i will go home in just 3 months I have to go babe bye". xx Liam

I put my phone down and make myself a spagetti bow as I watch TV hours have passed and it was time for me to picked the kids up I drove to school "mommy" Alex said "hey baby" I said "how is school"? I asked "its pretty good mommy I met some new friends" Emma said "I'm glad you made some new friends your dad will be proud of you making new friends"I said "you really think so mommy"? she asked with a cute voice "of course baby"I said "well well well look who is here" someone said i turned around to see it was Austin I was shocked "how did you get out"? I yelled "my friend bailed me duh"! he said I rolled my eyes "why are you here"? I asked "to be mine again" he said with a evil smirk "I will never take you back after what you did to me" I yelled "mommy who is this man"? Emma asked "I'm going to be your new daddy and we will be a happy family"he said taking a step closer to Emma "get away from her and there is no way in hell we were going to be a happy family because I love Liam and I'm glad I'm married to him" I yelled when he slapped me "shut up you do what I say take me back and we will be a family" he said "never" I yelled "say it again or I will kill Liam with my bare hands if you and the kids won't go with me" he said "ok just don't kill Liam" I said with tears forming my eyes "good so let's go" he said as we went up with him until I saw Emma was gone I got worried sick and Austin saw Emma was gone "hey where did that Emma kid go"? he asked with his face full of anger "I don't know" I said "damn it where could she be if i can't find her I will kill Liam" he said "Leave Liam alone"I yelled then it went black.

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