One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


7. Ch 7.

Nicole's POV:
It's been a week since Liam and the boys went on the tour I'm kind of sad that Liam wasn't here
I put my hair in a messy bun and made my way to the kitchen "Emma what do you want for breakfast"? I asked "I want Lucky Charms" she said "what about you Alex"? I asked "I want spongebob cereal" he said "ok" I said I put the bowls down the table until I heard a knock and opened it it was El and Sophie "hey guys" I said giving them a hug "Aunt El, Aunt Sophie" Emma and Alex both said "hey guys" Eleanor said "what do you guys want to do"? Sophie asked "I'm planning to take the kids to the amusement park" i said "ok let's go then" El said we got ready and went to Eleanor's car the ride was not that far soon we reach the amusement park and went to ride almost the whole rides "mommy can we buy cotton candy"? Emma asked "sure sweety" I said I quickly pulled out my purse and pay for the cotton candy until I saw Ryan "hey Ryan" I said making my way to him "Nicole is that you"? He asked "yeah how have you been"? I asked "good" he said "I'm doing good also its been 5 years since I saw you" he said "yeah what are you doing here"? I said "I was bored so I decided to go here what brings you here"? he asked "I brought my kids here in fact they are here let me call them" i said he nodded "hey guys there someone for you that i liked you to meet" I said "Who"? Sophie asked "he is my friend that I met when we were at Florida for tour" I said "ok they are here El and Sophie this is Ryan" I said "hey" Ryan" said "hey" Sophie said ok and this is Emma and Alex my kids" I said "nice to meet you Emma and Alex so what happened to you and Liam"? he said "oh Liam and I got married what about you"? I asked "I have a girlfriend" he said "oh we better get going its nice seeing you" I said giving him a hug "bye" I said "bye" he said "who is that"? Sophie asked "that's Ryan he's just a friend" I said as we drove back home and make spaghetti for dinner as my phone rang "hello" I said "hey babe"Liam said "hey baby how is the tour"? I asked "its great so far we went to Portugal and Brazil so far but I miss you and the kids" he said "me too Liam" I said "so what did you and the kids do today"? he asked "El and Sophie went to the house so we brought the kids to the amusement park and I saw Ryan again the one that I met in Florida" I said "that's great baby" he said I could tell he is jealous
"Listen babe I have to go I can't wait to go home to you and the kids I love you see you in 3 months" he said "I love you too I can't wait either for you to go home" I said as I hang up and El,Sophie and I watched movie.
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