One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


6. Ch 6.

Nicole's POV:
I woke up at 6 in the morning with Liam shaking me "hey sleepyhead" he said while packing his suitcase "what's going on" I said sleepily "I'm going on tour today remember"? He asked " oh snap i'm so sorry that I forgot that you will be going on tour" I said while getting up from bed "its okay love" he said "i will go wake the kids up" I said he just nodded and make my way to Emma's room "Emma wake up daddy is living to go on a tour we have to go with him at the airport" I said while shaking Emma "okay mommy" she said "i will wake your brother up" I said getting up from her bed and went to Alex's room "Alex wake up were going to drop daddy off the airport" I said "why"? he asked "because he is going on a tour with uncle Zayn,Niall,Louis and Harry now go get dressed" I said "ok" he said "did you wake them up"? Liam said as he left from our room "yeah they are getting ready" I said as he kissed my lips, soon I also got dressed and we ate our breakfast and left to go to the airport.

~40 minutes later

We soon reached the airport and got out from the car "Emma sweetie while i'm on tour with your uncles don't give mommy a hard time ok"? Liam said as he bend down on her level "ok I love you Daddy" she said giving him a hug "I love you too Em" he said hugging her back "Alex please don't cause any trouble" Liam said he nodded and walk up to me "babe i'm going to miss you" I said I'm going to miss you too but promise me you will not harm yourself because of depression while i'm away" he whispered "I promise Liam" I said as I pecked his lips "mate we have to go catch our flight" Louis said " alright I'm coming" he said bye I love you babe" I said "bye I love you too love see you in 5 months i will text,call or skype with you every night" he said as he disappeared and me and the kids left to go back home.
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