One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


4. Ch 4.

Liam's POV: I can't believe Emma got lost at the mall I decided to call Louis and Zayn to watch Alex for me while I go with Nicole to find Emma Zayn picked the phone up "hey Liam what's up"? Zayn asked "I was wondering if you and Louis can look after Alex because Nicole and Emma went to shop for Emma's toys and Emma got lot lost" I said Zayn got quiet "hello Zayn are you still there"? I asked "yeah wow Emma got lost"? he asked "yeah" I said "ok i tell Louis about this and we will be there in 5 minutes" he said "ok bye" I said hanging the phone up I was a little mad at Nicole for loosing Emma but I know i shouldn't be mad at her it's not her fault I went to my car and drove of.

Nicole's POV:
I kept looking for Emma and there was still no sign of her this is all my fault why my baby is lost I should've kept an eye on her when I saw Liam runned to me "babe I'm really sorry I should've kept an eye on her this is all my fault" I cried Liam pulled me into a hug "this isn't your fault its no one's fault" Liam said "yes it is" I said "no it wasn't we will find Emma and everything will be ok" Liam said as he grabbed my face and kiss my forehead "I love you Liam i thought you will blame me for loosing Emma" I said "I love you too babe like I said its's no one's fault" he said I nodded and we hugged for a minute until I heard someone said "ma'am I found your daughter" the police said "Oh my God Emma" I said as I runned into her and pulled her into a hug while Liam followed "mommy, daddy" she said happily "Em where did you go you made me and your mom worried about you" Liam said as he picked her up "I found this Barbie it looked so pretty I was about to put into the cart when mommy wasn't there anymore I got lost" she said upset "baby you should of told me and I would've come with you" I said "I'm sorry mommy, daddy" he said "its ok Em just next time don't go wonder by yourself we wouldn't want you to get hurt" Liam said "daddy where is Alex"? Emma asked "he is at home with uncle Zayn and uncle Louis" Liam said "you made Louis and Zayn to watch Alex"? I said "yeah since they have nothing to do" Liam said " ok" I said we left to go home.
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