One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


3. Ch 3.

Nicole's POV:
I woke up when Liam wasn't next to me as I got up from bed and put on a shorts and a shirt and put my hair on a messy bun as I smell the bacon and make my way to the kitchen and saw Liam was putting plates in the table "hey babe" I said as he kissed me "hey love how was your sleep"? Liam asked "pretty tired I guess" I said "babe I'm planning to take Emma with me for shopping for her toys because she wants a new toys" I said "ok i was thinking maybe we can have a bonding time with our kids you and Emma and me and Alex how's that sound"? Liam said as he smiled "sounds like a plan I have to call Emma for her to get ready" I said "Emma baby we have to eat then we would go shopping for your toys ok"? I said "ok mommy but what about daddy and Alex"? she asked "they will have their bonding time while me and you have our bonding time" I said "ok I'm going to eat now" she said getting up from the couch as I turned the Tv off, we soon got ready "bye love have fun going shopping with Emma today"Liam said as he gave me a quick peck on my lips "bye babe have fun with Alex today" I said. We soon left the house and reached the mall "Emma sweetie which toy do you want" I said as I bend to her level "that one" she said pointing at the barbie doll house "ok" we look for more toys and put them in the cart until I notice Emma wasn't with me anymore "Emma sweetie where are you"? I yelled while looking for her I went to the cashier and asked the lady "excuse me have you seen a little girl about this big and has a long brown hair"? I asked "no i haven't seen your daughter sorry"? she said Oh my god I just lost Emma before she was with me the next minute she was gone should I call Liam and tell him Emma is missing? What is he going to react of I tell him? As many thoughts cane to my mind not knowing the lady was talking to me "m'aam if you want we call your house if someone is there or maybe we can page your daughter" she said "no my husband is at home with our son don't call him I don't want him to get worried" I said " ok if you say so" she said "I will look for my daughter if she left the mall if i can't find him you can either page my daughter or I can call my husband" I said " ok that sounds good" she said as I keep yelling for Emma and still no answer I felt tears came down my face where did Emma go? I have been looking around the mall for an hour and can't still find Emma I think I should call Liam I can't just keep this from him that our daughter is lost should I or no? I think I should I pulled my phone and type Liam's phone number on my Iphone and pressed call 3 rings he picked it up " hey babe what's up I'm just at home playing wii with Alex so how is shopping for toys with Emma?" he asked I could tell he is smiling while i try to fight back my tears "I'm good its just" i said "it's just what babe what happened that you aren't telling me"? he asked worried "never mind get back to your bonding time with Alex" I cried "love are you crying what happened? tell me" he said "Ok so me and Emma were looking for toys I asked what toys she wants, she told me she wanted the barbie doll house so I put it into the cart as we went to look for more toys and when I turned around she is not there anymore I have been looking all over the mall for Emma but I couldn't find her anywhere" I said Liam didn't say anything "I'm sorry babe i should of look after her" I cried " hang in there I will be there in 10 minutes as he hang up the phone what should I do?.
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