One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


2. Ch 2.

Nicole's POV:
I'm planning for the boys,Alli,El and Sophie to have a reunion party "mommy when can I see Katie again"? Emma asked "umm tonight baby" I said as you can see Louis and El are married with El being pregnant, Sophie and Niall got married and have a girl name Katie,Zayn and Alli also got married and have a boy name Daniel and as for Harry he has a girlfriend named Valerie, "babe did you call the lads"? Liam asked as he wrap his arm around me "I already did" I said he smiled "mommy can I play outside"? Alex asked "yes you can baby but you have to eat first before you go outside and play" I said "k" he said as he sat next to Emma we ate and the kids were outside playing in the play house until I heard someone knock on the door and opened it it was The boys, Alli,El and Sophie along with their kids and Valerie Harry's new girlfriend "hey guys, hey Valerie"I said while hugging all of them "hey Nicole" Valerie said "hey where is Liam"? Niall asked "he is getting ready he would come down soon as Liam walked down the stairs "hey mate"Liam said hugging Niall "hey" Niall said "Emma, Katie is here" I yelled "Katie" as she runned inside "do you wanna play dolls"? Emma asked "yeah let's go"Katie said they went upstairs to Emma's room while Alex and Daniel were playing outside and us talking "so El when is your due date"? I asked "in july" El said "that's good i'm happy for you guys" I said "thank you Nicole" El said giving me another hug "we have something to tell you Liam" Zayn said "and what would that be"? Liam asked we have to go on a tour in 2 weeks "what"? Liam and I both said "I know but we have to go" Louis said " how long is the tour for"? I asked "5 months I believe but Sophie and El will be staying with you to look after the kids while were gone for the tour" Harry said "this sucks because i'm going to miss you guys" I said tearing up "it will be ok love I will call you everynight" Liam said while he wiping the tears from my face "ok then" I said as we all talked for about an hour until they all left.
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