One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


16. Ch 16.

Nicole's POV:
We soon finished lunch and I decided to clean up when I saw Liam washing the dishes "Liam I will was the dishes don't worry about it" I said as I urged him not to do it "but I want to do it" he pouted "no its ok really you can do what you want now" I laugh "fine I will go take a shower then" he said as he make his way upstairs. I start to wash all of them until I got to wash the pan as soon as I finish washing the pan I put it to the covered but it was kinda high so I tried pushing the pan to the covered when suddenly one of the pan from the covered fell on my head "shit" I yelled as I rubbed my head and heard Liam coming downstairs "Nicole's what's wrong? what's that loud noise? are you ok? are you hurt? as he asked me alot of questions "Liam I think I got my memory back" I yelled "Oh my god that's good but if you got your memory back now what's my name"?
He asked " your name is Liam James Payne" I said "what's your name"? Liam asked "my name is Nicole Payne"I said happily "what is our kids names"? Liam asked Alexander William Payne and Emma Rose Payne" I said "ok what is my age and your age"? Liam asked me
"your 25 and I'm 23" I said "Nicole you got all the answers right and your memory is back" he said giving me a peck on my lips " I know and I love you so much" I said "I love you too" he said as he gave me a long kiss.

Liam's POV:
I'm glad Nicole got her memory but I wonder how she got it back as I quickly pulled away "babe how did you get your memory back"? I asked smiling "I was washing the pan and tried to put in on covered but one of the pan fell on my head hard and that's how i got my memory back" Nicole said "do you want to go to the doctors? Does your head hurt? I asked worriedly "its ok Liam I'm ok and my head does not hurt" Nicole said I kissed her again when we got interrupted by Emma "daddy what happened? Emma asked "mommy got her memory back Em" I said "mommy" she said making her way to Nicole "Emma I got my memory back so I remember you now" Nicole said as she carried Emma soon Alex came and joined us "mommy" Alex said "Alex come here" Nicole said I'm happy that Nicole got her memory back ad everything was back to normal.
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