One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


14. Ch 14.

Nicole's POV: I don't know where I was but all I know its dark "Hello can someone help me"? I yelled no one answered I keep walking but I always end at the same place this must have been a dream I just keep walking and still nothing happens I feel like I'm missing someone but I don't know who I don't even know my own name I saw a hole ad walked to it but ended up falling on it I tried my hardest to open my eyes until I saw a light and I finally woke up and saw a guy sleeping beside me and he opened his eyes "Nicole you're awake" the guy with brown hair said as he kissed the top of my head I admit he is cute but I don't know him "who is Nicole and who are you"? I asked he cried "your name is Nicole" the guy said "who are you and how old are you" I asked "I'm Liam your husband I'm 25 and we have kids" he said "how old am I"? I asked "you're 23" he said "you are a nice guy but I'm sorry I don't remember marrying you" I said "were married and I will try my hardest for you to remember and everything will be back to normal" he said "i wanna see your kids" I said "they are our kids Nicole" he cried "whatever I wanna meet them" I said as I saw him got out from the door and he brough his kids inside "mommy" the little girl said as she gave me a hug "what's your name sweetie"? I asked she looks shocked "mommy you don't remember me"? she asked I shooked my head "I'm Emma daddy why can't she remembered me"? she asked "Em mommy lost her memory and I will help her remember" he said "who is this little boy"? I asked "mommy I'm Alex"the little boy said I wanna know more about them.

Liam's POV:
I cried as Nicole doesn't remember me and her children I will try my hard to help her to remember I want the things they were before, I went outside to tell the guys to see Nicole "hey guys do you wanna see Nicole but she lost her memory so probably she won't remember you guys" I said they just nodded and went inside.

Zayn's POV:
We all went inside "Hi Nicole" I said "hey who are you"? she asked are you serious she doesn't remember me? I'm Zayn your friend" I said "oh" she said bewildered "I told you she won't remember you" Liam said I nodded I can't believe the girl that I used to love bit now I have Alli doesn't remember me well that sucks I hope she remembers Liam and her kids.
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