One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


12. Ch 12.

Nicole's POV:
I woke up and my body is full of bruises "oh looks who is awake hey baby" Austin said as he bent down and kiss me it was the worse kiss i ever had "don't call me baby" I growled "whatever we will be a family soon after you divorced Looser" he said "I love Liam and I will not divorced him he is the father of my children not you" I yelled he punched me in the stomach I doubled in pain "yeah he maybe the father of your kids but I have you first before you and him dated" he said while he pulled out a knife and put it on my neck "what are you doing"? I said getting scared "don't worry I won't kill you I will kill that looser" he said then laugh evily "please don't kill Liam I will do everything just don't kill him" I begged "then go with me" he said just before he leaned down to kiss me I heard someone "Let her and my son go" someone said and it was Liam "Liam" I yelled "Nicole" he said as he came to me and untied me "well look who showed up Nicole's looser husband" Austin said with that Liam got mad and tackled him on the ground "Stop it" I cried as Liam punch Austin on the face hard and Austin hit Liam with a pipe at his back, Liam growled in pain "Liam" I cried as Austin smiled "how dare you" I said with that Liam stood up and throw punches on Austin again but this time he pulled out a gun "I will kill you now so me,Nicole and the kids will be a new family soon" he said pointing the gun at Liam and started to press it I runned "noooo" I yelled and it hit me Before I saw Liam killed Austin and it went black

Liam's POV:
No this can't be happening my beautiful wife is unconcious I got mad and shoot Austin and went to Nicole "Nicole please don't leave me Emma needs you,Alex needs you and I need you please don't die" I cried I took my phone and called the lads "Niall I need help Austin shoot Nicole and now she is unconcious" I said "we will be there in 15 minutes mate"Niall said as I hang up the phone, 20 minutes later Niall and the boys were here and saw me with Nicole lying on my arms "oh my god Nicole don't die we all need you" Louis cried we all cried while Zayn called 911 and then the ambulance came and took her as we go to the hospital.
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