One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


11. Ch 11.

Liam's POV:
We soon landed at london and saw El,Sophie and Alli and Emma "daddy" Emma yelled as she came running to me and I picked her up "hey Em don't worry daddy is back now and we will find mommy and Alex ok"? i said "ok I love you daddy"Emma said "I love you too Em" I said "hey babe" Louis said "hey I miss you so much" El said "I miss you too baby" Louis said "hey Nialler how is the tour"? she asked while he kissed her lips "its good all the fans got upset but soon understand why we cancelled the rest of the tour" Niall said "hey Zaynie"Allie said "hey Alli how are you"? Zayn asked giving her a hug "I'm good its lonely though when you were gone" she pouted "aww baby don't worry I'm back now" Zayn said we left the airport to go to the house. Hours later we were talking while Emma is watching spongebob when phone rang I answered it "hello" I said "well well well if it isn't the looser" Austin said "Austin bring my wife and my son back" I yelled through the phone ready to punch his face "whoa you think i will give them back to you easily"? no way we would be a new family soon" he said "no she is mine and only mine she doesn't love you" I growled "ok let me get her to talk" he said "Hello Liam help!!! she yelled "I'm coming babe hang on" I said "Austin I swear to god i will kill you if you hurt them" I said angrily "oh easy the only person i'm going to kill is you" he laughed "where are you guys now"? I asked "were at my house now if you call the police i will kill them" he said then the line went dead "nooooo" i yelled "who was that"Louis said "Austin he said they were in his house I'm gonna go" I said "can we at least go with you"? Niall said "sorry but you guys can't go he only wants me there and plus I don't want to see you guys hurt" I said "ok fine but if you need us just call us and we will come to you" Harry said "could you guys watch Emma for me guys I have some business to take care of" I said "be careful Liam" Zayn said " I will" I said as I left the house.
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