One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


10. Ch 10.

Liam's POV:
I put my phone away I can't still believe that jerk took my wife and my kid, I went to Louis who is talking to the boys "hey guys we have to cancel the rest of the tour and go back to london" I said "why Liam what happened"? Louis asked frantic "well Nicole's ex boyfriend kidnap her and Alex but Emma escape so she called and told me" I said "Oh my god does Emma know where they are"? Harry asked "that jerk brought them to a van and drove off" I said "come on we have to tell Paul to cancel the rest of the shows" Niall said as we all went to find Paul "there he is" Zayn pointed at him as Paul was talking on the phone and put his phone away as he saw us "boys what do you guys want"? Paul asked "Paul we have to cancel the rest of the show and go back to London" Zayn said "what? he yelled "Nicole and Alex got kidnap by her ex boyfriend"Niall said "ok i will let you guys go back but what will the fans say about this"? he said "I don't know we just I guess tell them what happened" I said we went to tell the fans about what happened and they got upset but soon understand what's going on as we left to go to the airport and fly back to london.

Nicole's POV:
I opened my eyes wondering where we are "Austin where the hell are we and where is Alex"? I asked while i was tied into the chair "oh baby don't worry were at my house and Alex is inside the cage" he said as he smiled evily "how dare you put my baby inside the cage let him go" I said trying to get up from the chair but failed "um too bad you guys are here so your looser husband won't find you haha" he laughed "Liam is not a looser" I said "whatever" he said "let us go" I yelled
"I will let you go if you will go with me" he said "never what word can't you understand I won't go with you you had your chance but you just blew it by cheating on me with Emily" I said he slapped me and start punching me "mommy" I heard Alex said before i got numb.
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