Danielle`s story


1. Danielle part 1

 Once upon a time it was a girl called Danielle Claire Peazer. She had long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. She was 9 years old. She had a nice family. But one day her mom just disappeared and no one could figure out where she was. She had a Best friend, her name was Eleanor Jane Calder. They were like sisters. Eleanor had long hair and brown eyes too. Danielle was getting bullied every day even if she wasn’t at school, so did Eleanor. They stick together and said it wasn’t something wrong with them but it was something wrong with the bullies and to stay strong. When they started at high school the bullies moved and started on a different school. Eleanor and Danielle made some new friends but then still got bullied. By someone else on the school, the teachers didn`t do anything about it .The years were going slow, too slow. Danielle was asked to go to a dance school and therefor she had to move to Australia and leave Eleanor. She didn’t want too but Eleanor then said

–You have to go it`s your chance! Please do it for me. We can talk every day I promise. I won’t forget you, I promise! I will find a job and maybe a boyfriend *laughs*. I will be ok and you really should go it’s your chance to prove your better then what everyone else thinks, you need this. Please go, for me. Please!

-Okay, I will go but only if you promise to talk to me every day *smiles*.

– I promise.  The time before Dani was leaving was going fast, too fast for the girls. The day had come, Dani and El was on the airport.

(El`s POV)

-It`s going to be alright Dani, I promise. *hugs Dani*

- Don’t cry Dani, it will be alright.

-No it won`t, It's not going to be alright, I know. I'm going to screw up my chance and fail. Then everybody is going to laugh about me and you don`t want to be my friend anymore.

-No, that`s no true you’re not going to fail, you’re the best dancer in the world Dani, no one is better then you! And I will never be your friend but I will always be your best friend, no matter what! I promise! *Hugs Dani again*.

-Aww that`s so sweet of you to say El *wiping the tears away*.*Eleanor and Dani hugs one last time before Dani goes to find her plane*

(Dani`s POV)

- The plane to Australia now let's passengers get into the plane, please go back to the *sight and goes back in the queue* finally in, it took like forever I say inside myself. finds my place, finding my book and begin to read.  Find a little note that it stands;

I’m going to miss you and I know you is going to miss me but I want you to know that you always is going to be on my mind, every seconds everyday you`re gone. And I know I will be on your mind every seconds every day your gone and that`s the reason it chose to give you this other note it`s from your mom and she gave it to me and said ¨give this to Danielle when the time is right and don’t ask when it’s the right time you will feel it Eleanor¨ So I`m going to give you the note and I hope you don’t get mad at me for keeping this secret. I just want the best for you. I love and always will. Love Eleanor xx

I was looking for the other note and then finds it and so reads it


I really hope that you’re not mad at me for just disappear like I did, I`m so, so sorry. It only was for keeping you safe, you know I`ve never left you like that if it wasn`t important but it was and I’m so sorry. I`m trying the hardest to come back but it isn`t so easy. And I know what you`re thinking right now but don’t dear to come and find me it`s too dangerous and I won’t let my girl do it because if you get hurt I`ve never forgive myself for letting you do that, so please don`t try. But I just want you to know the key inside the envelope, it`s the key to open the jewelry box I gave you when you were 9. Inside you will find a letter other letter from me and on it, it will stand why I left you but please tell your dad, he need to know too. It will also be a new key in the box it will open the door in my closet behind my clothes. But what`s inside you need to find out by yourself. Lots of love from your mom xx

  I was crying and the man who sat beside me ask what was wrong

–It`s just that I got a note from my mom that disappeared for  11 year ago I say while it`s the tears stream down my face.

– Ohh I`m sorry, but I`m sure it will be alright he says looking into my eyes. He had beautiful brown eyes and very short hair but he was cute with it

 –I forgot to tell you my name, it`s Liam, Liam Payne. –I`m Danielle Peazer, nice to meet you

(Liam`s POV)

I was talking to the cutest, most beautiful girl ever. She was so pretty even with the tears streaming down her face and her name it was so beautiful, Danielle Peazer

–Please don’t cry it`s making me cry too.

– I can`t help it.

–it will be alright Danielle I say right before hugging her smoothly. –Thanks, by the way just call me Dani, it`s what`s everyone Please take on your seatbelt and we`re ready to take off. I take on my seatbelt and lean back to enjoy the flight.


(Dani`s POV)

I was getting ready for going out of the plane, we have been on it for 4 hours. Why do it take so long, I just hate it especially when the chairs is so hard. It said ¨pling¨ it meant we could take of the seatbelt and stand up. I was very stiff after sitting still for so long. Everyone wanted out as quickly as possible but for me it wasn’t so important to get out first, and I don’t think it was so important to Liam rather. He just sat there like we haven’t been on a plane for 4 hours.

 –Did you enjoy the fight?

-     Yeah it`s was okay, did you?

-     It was a little boring but yes think I enjoyed the fight I says with a funny smile on my mouth.

The queue out was finally moving, when I got out of the plane I hurried away to you we should grab suitcases to get a good seat. Where I saw Liam again but now he was with 4 other guys, so I didn’t go up to him.

-Hi I heard from a familiar voice behind me. When I turned around it was Liam and the 4 other boys.

-Hi Liam

- This is my band mates, Harry Styles said he, pointing at him with mega curls and flirting smile, Louis says he and pointing at him with those red pants and striped t-shirt, Niall Horan he says, pointing to the one who keeps on to eat and this is Zayn Malik says he, pointing to at the last one that fixes his black hair in a small mirror.

- Hey I'm Danielle Peazer but you can call me Dani

-Hi Dani, nice to meet you they all said at the same time.

- So which hotel are you going to Liam ask with his beautiful voice

-I`m going to a hotel named Hilton Surfers Paradise

-Cool, we are going to the same hotel


I see my suitcase and give my phone number to Liam and say he can text me whenever he will and says goodbye to the boys. Then I grab my suitcase and walk outside to get a cab.

-To Hilton Surfers Paradise please

20 Minutes later

-It`s will be 6 dollars the cab driver says and tap something

-ok I say while finding my wallet. I pay him the 6 dollars and take my suitcase into the lobby. It amazing and think it free because the school pay for it I think and smiles. Then I got to the reception. In the reception it stand an old woman with the name Corliss

-Hi, can I help you

-Yes I`m going to check in.

-What`s your name then?

-Danielle Peazer

-are you a student?

-Yes at the dance academy.

-Ok and you said your name was Danielle Peazer right?


-Ok,-here is your room key. It`s in floor 10, just take the elevator and then go the left and you will be there.

-Ok, Thank you I said leaving the reception.


  I got to the elevator, and guess who was there. It was Liam and his friends.

-Hello, which floor are you guys going to?

- we`re going to 10. and you? Liam asked.

-me too.

-cool! They all said at the same time.

It took like 5-10 minutes and me and the guys was talking all the time. We really got to know each other. ¨Piip¨ The elevator stop at the 10. floor we all got ouof the elevator with your suitcase.

-     Which room number have you Zayn ask me.

-     Let me check. I have the room number 168, what about you guys?

-     We have 169 harry said and stared to laugh and so did Niall and Louis too.


I had to laugh a little but it was very cool that we had the ¨twin room¨, that’s what I call it but It`s has a door, so you just open it and you are inside the other room.

-     Maybe we can have the door open Niall said very high and it sound like he was very happy for it but who knows, he`s always happy  so it`s hard to know. I been told.

-     Sure, if it`s ok for you guys.

-     Off course  it`s ok for us.

-     But I got to go and pack up I stuff.

-     Yeah we too Liam said and said goodbye.

-     Bye!  I said and open the door to my room and start to pack up my stuff. I hear someone knocking on the door so I stopped packing up and opened the door. It`s was Niall which the card to the door to the rooms.

-     Hi Niall!

-     Hey, here`s your card I was getting me some food and I thought I just could get the card too.

-     Thanks, I will open it now. See you soon, I said and stard to laugh but so did Niall. He was cute and very funny. If I was a boy I`d love to be him. He so careless and so happy always. I opened the door and so did the boys.

-     VAS HAPPENIN Zayn yelled with the boys looking cool behind him.

-     Haha, not much, what about you?

-     Not much here either he kind of said a little bit sad.

-     But let`s do something then! Louis said from nowhere.

-     Yea, that’s a good suggestion!

-     Come on lets go the city and shop! Louis said.

-     Or we can go to Nandos Niall said while he jumped.

-     Let’s do both!

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