I should really stop making new movellas if I can't finish them all! I solemnly swear to write long chapters in this movella.
So obviously theres not much of a blurb but I didn't want to give away anything!


2. Chapter Two


Liam’s POV ~

As soon as Niall had finished eating I dragged him out of Nando’s, I couldn’t stay there, she hated me, and I just knew it.

On the way back I thought about something she had always said.


‘As soon as I get a mobile phone I’m going to keep the same one forever, it’s cheaper.’ Alex announced stubbornly.

‘Why would you want to do that?’ I asked curiously.

‘Because then I won’t have to tell people if I change my number.’

Flashback ended

I remembered her mum sending me an email after they moved saying she’d got a mobile and she told me the number.

I went through all of my emails on my iPhone while sitting on the bus. There were so many to go through.

I searched for emails from her mum’s email address and finally found it.

I typed it into my phone book and saved it as a contact then called her.

She picked up after three rings with an annoyed sounding hello.

‘Hi Alex.’ I said, hoping she wouldn’t hang up on me straight away as she had done all those years ago when I tried to call her.

‘Why can’t you just get out of my life?’ She shouted down the phone. I sighed.

‘I just want to talk to you, but if you don’t want to talk that’s fine.’ I was about to hang up when she spoke.

‘How did you even get my number?’ She said with a sigh.

‘I dug through a lot of emails; I knew you wouldn’t have changed number’

Alex’s POV ~

‘You remember that?’ I whispered, a single teardrop rolled down my cheek.

‘I remembered everything about you, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you.’ I could tell he meant it by the way he said it.

‘I never thought I’d see you again.’ I said. I regretted it immediately, I hated him, and I didn’t want him to come back. But maybe a small part of me did, a small part of me wanted him to come back and for us to be best friends like it always used to be. I knew that could never happen, he loved me and I didn’t love him back. I only wanted him as a friend not a lover.

I sighed and then hung up without giving him a chance to say anything else.

A text immediately appeared in my phone.

Meet me at Nando’s? Liam x

I wanted to see him again but something about that text made me feel weird. I read over it about five times before I realized what was bugging me. It was the little ‘x’ at the end. But surely he couldn’t still feel that way about me? It had been 7 years since he had told me, surely he had moved on? I knew he had had a girlfriend not too long ago, Danielle I think she was called, but had he loved her? I honestly didn’t know the answers to all of these questions but I wanted to find out the answers.

I got my phone and typed in a reply.

See you there.

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