I should really stop making new movellas if I can't finish them all! I solemnly swear to write long chapters in this movella.
So obviously theres not much of a blurb but I didn't want to give away anything!


3. Chapter Three


Alex’s POV ~

I sat in Nando’s waiting for Liam to arrive. I watched the doorway very carefully for at least five minutes before I saw Liam walk into the restaurant.

I gave a tiny wave and he spotted me, and then walked over to the table I was sitting at, sipping my coke.

He sat down on the bench opposite and I pushed my coke to the side.

‘It’s been a while.’ I said, looking at the expression on his face. Was that relief?

‘As I said, I missed you.’ He said with a nod.

‘You’re famous now then?’ I said with a hint of spite.

‘Yes, no prizes for guessing why. So what do you do for a living? Did you follow the dream of becoming a lawyer?’ He said with a chuckle. I was surprised he even remembered that! Ever since I had seen Legally Blonde I’d wanted to be a lawyer.

‘Kind of, I’m studying law at university right now.’ I said with a slight smile.

He smiled.

‘It’s been really good to see you again, you know that?’

Suddenly I felt a bit awkward. I didn’t know why but it could’ve been the reason that he was probably thinking about when I had seen him last time, the day before I left. I felt a blush growing on my cheek as I remembered the words he had said. I love you. For some reason I felt a little happy that he had said this but then I realized what I had said. I knew we couldn’t be together, not then, not now, not ever.

‘I couldn’t stop thinking about you when I left’ I wished I could grab the words out of the air and unsay them. Had I really let those words slip out of my mouth? A voice inside my head kept saying over and over, he loves you, he loves you, he loves you...

I wished I could shut this stupid voice up but it kept repeating the same words over and over again. Liam’s voice snapped me out of my train of thought.

‘Are you okay Alex?’ I looked at him to see he looked a bit worried, ‘You look a bit pale.’

I gave him a small smile.

‘I’m fine.’ I nodded.

Liam’s POV ~

I was unconvinced by Alex telling me she was okay; I could see that something was on her mind. I could easily guess what it was, but I told myself that she didn’t love me, she never did. All I was to her was a friend and now I’m barely even that to her.

‘Alex, seriously, tell me what’s wrong.’ I said, giving her a concerned look that I remember seeing on her parents’ faces when they got called up because she had gotten into a fight in school.

‘I told you, I’m fine.’ she said, I could see she was annoyed. I gave up bothering her and started to think of excuses to leave, it’s always impossible to talk to Alex whenever she’s like this.

‘I have to go, I have a rehearsal and it’s pretty crucial.’ I said. It was the best excuse I could manage.

‘Bye.’ she said, distant minded. I got up and left, leaving her to her thoughts.

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