I should really stop making new movellas if I can't finish them all! I solemnly swear to write long chapters in this movella.
So obviously theres not much of a blurb but I didn't want to give away anything!


1. Chapter One


Alex’s POV ~

I sat in Nando’s, waiting for Lilly to arrive, she was always late. I decided I would just go ahead and order for myself while waiting. I heard a laugh behind me, I faintly recognized it, maybe one of my other friends?

I turned to see Liam Payne, with band mate Niall sitting behind me. I let out a tiny gasp. I hadn't seen Liam since we were 12 and I had moved to London. It’s safe to say that I hadn't moved with him still being my friend.

Memories started pouring into my mind, sitting on the swings in the park, running to school together, Liam telling me he loved me....

The last memory was the most detailed, the day before I moved.


‘I’m going to miss you’ Liam said with sincerity. I gave a small nod.

‘I’ll miss you too’ I was fighting back tears; I couldn't leave the person I had been friends with practically all my life.

‘Alex, I-I love you’ I looked up into his eyes; he looked upset that I was leaving.

‘You what?’ I said after a long pause. I found it impossible to take in, why love me? There were loads of other girls, prettier girls, and smarter girls.

‘I love you’ this time he said it more firmly. I could see he was telling the truth. How could I tell him I didn't feel the same way about him? I couldn't break his heart like that.

‘We should just be friends’ I said, quietly. As soon as I said it you could see in his eyes his heart had been crushed in my palm.

He just nodded then stood up and walked home. Tears started to roll down my cheeks, how could I hurt him so much? Did I have no heart at all?

Flashback ended

Liam’s POV ~

I could feel someone looking at me; I turned around to see a girl looking back at me. I had a hint of recognition but I couldn't work out who it was. Maybe it was a fan I’d met before? Nonetheless I wanted to find out who this girl was.

She was pretty but from the way she looked at me, a blush creeping on her face she didn't know it.

‘Hey’ I said, with a smile.

Her cheeks grew redder as she nodded in response, unable to speak.

‘H-Hi’ she managed to stammer out.

Niall also greeted her with a Hi then looked towards me, wondering if I knew her.

But I did, I recognized the voice, the same on that had crushed my heart all those years ago.

‘W-We have to go’ I said before swiftly getting up from my seat. Niall just looked at me like I was mad, we hadn't finished what we were eating yet and he wanted to finish his food.

Alex looked towards me skeptically.

‘It’s not good to lie’ she said. There was no sign of a smile on her face but it was obvious she was trying to hide one. She was just like she was when she was 12.

A girl came up to Alex.

‘Lilly what took you so long?’ She said firmly.

‘Sorry, missed the bus.’

Alex’s POV ~

I was glad Lilly had finally arrived, it meant I had an excuse not to talk to Liam, though it wasn't as if he would want to talk to me. He had made the excuse that they had to go but it was clear Niall knew they didn't have to.

I pulled Lilly down onto the bench furthest away from Liam then whispered in her ear.

‘Do you know who that is?’

‘Who?’ she said, loud enough I was sure Liam heard.

I looked at Liam and her eyes went giant.

‘Oh my god it’s Liam Payne!’ she said loudly. She ran over to their table and pulled a notebook and pen out of her bag.

‘Could I get your autographs?’ She said, in an excited voice.

‘Sure’ both Liam and Niall said. Liam glanced at me and I scowled back at him, I hated him.

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