I should really stop making new movellas if I can't finish them all! I solemnly swear to write long chapters in this movella.
So obviously theres not much of a blurb but I didn't want to give away anything!


4. Chapter Four


Alex’s POV ~

Soon after Liam left I did too. I walked up the stairs to my flat, still thinking about Liam. For some reason the bridge of Change My Mind came into my head.

Never felt like this before,

Are we friends or are we more?

As I’m walking towards your door,

I’m not sure.

Somehow I felt like this probably described how Liam was feeling all those years ago. As I walked into my flat and was just about to close the door it hit me. He still loved me, he’d never stopped.

I suddenly felt dizzy at the realization I loved him too. Maybe I hadn’t when I was 12, but that was probably because I didn’t feel ready for love. But now I knew I loved him, and that he probably loved me back.

I grabbed my phone and started typing a text, I kept erasing it and rewriting it but I finally found a way to describe what I was feeling.

I miss you x

I pressed send and hoped that he wasn’t still rehearsing; it hadn’t been too long since he left for rehearsals.

I felt my phone vibrate with a new message; I opened it up, hoping it was from him.

I miss you too xx

A smile grew on my face and I sat down on my couch, my mind finally at rest. My eyelids felt heavy even though it was just the afternoon and I soon felt asleep, thinking about Liam.

Liam’s POV ~

‘Who were you texting?’ Louis asked me.

‘Alex.’ I said, with a smile. Louis studied my face.

‘A girl called Alex?’ He asked curiously. He can be so nosy sometimes.

‘Yes a girl.’ I said with a roll of my eyes.

‘Where’d you meet her?’ I could’ve just told him that I’ve known her for ages but my mind went back to the time when I had first met her.


‘Everyone choose a partner.’ the teacher told us. Nobody knew anyone in the class so most people were just wandering aimlessly.

A girl with big green eyes and blonde hair came up to me.

‘Hello, I’m Alex.’ I looked around. All of the boys had chosen other boys and all of the girls had chosen other girls. I also noticed there was no-one else that wasn’t in a pair. I supposed I’d have to stick with this girl ‘Alex’.

‘I’m Liam.’ I smiled.

‘Okay, if everyone can sit down in their pairs.’ The teacher said again.

We both sat down next to each other.

‘I’m 7 today.’ she said proudly and pointed to a badge attached to her cardigan saying ‘birthday girl’.

‘I turned 7 aaaages ago.’ I said. She looked at me enviously.

Flashback ended

‘I met her at school when we were 7.’ I replied. Louis looked at me confusedly. ‘We were friends until we were 12 when she moved. I saw her again today.’ I smiled, remembering.

‘Was it that girl Niall said you hated?’ I could feel my cheeks burning.

‘I don’t hate her.’ I said, embarrassed.

‘Niall said you wanted to leave.’ He said, knowing he had made me embarrassed.

‘Just shush.’ I said, my cheeks getting redder. 

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