I should really stop making new movellas if I can't finish them all! I solemnly swear to write long chapters in this movella.
So obviously theres not much of a blurb but I didn't want to give away anything!


5. Chapter Five


Alex’s POV ~

My eyes opened to see the pitch black of the night. I rubbed my eyes sleepily, and looked over at the clock. Half past midnight.

I got off the couch and walked into my room. I flicked on the light, squinting at the sudden brightness. I got my pyjamas and got changed into them before turning out the lights again and getting into bed and falling asleep yet again.

                                                                                *             *             *

I opened my eyes for the second time today and could hear the pigeons cooing. I yawned and stretched a little before getting out of bed and walking into the kitchen to stick some bread in the toaster.

I walked over to the couch and sat down. I turned on the TV and went onto showbiz news, there was nothing else on.

The toast popped out of the toaster and as I got up I heard the words ‘One Direction’. I turned back to the TV.

‘Yes you heard us right, One Direction are rumoured to be planning on playing at The White House, as a thank you from the newly re-elected president Barack Obama for their support during the election campaigning process!’

Jeez, being famous has its perks.

I put my toast on a plate then spread butter over it. I went back at sat down on the couch and ate my toast while watching the TV.

Liam’s POV ~

 As soon as I had woken up I picked up my phone and texted Alex.

Wanna meet up? :)

I hoped she was up, she always used to be a morning person and I hoped that hadn’t changed. My hopes were turned into reality when a message popped into my phone.

Sure, where?

I finished eating my cereal before typing in a response.

Where do you want to?

I pressed the send button and almost immediately I got a reply.


Alex’s POV ~

I put my plate by the side of the sink for me to wash up later and sat back down on the couch with my phone.

Okay, address?

I sent him my address then went into the bathroom to do my makeup and my hair before going back into my bedroom to get dressed.

I heard my doorbell ring and I straightened my dress before opening the door.

As soon as I saw Liam I hugged him, he didn’t seem to mind as he hugged me back. After we had stopped hugging I spoke.

‘Hi.’ I said, with a slight blush on my cheeks.

‘Hi.’ he said with a smile.

‘Come in’ I gestured for him to come in. I had tidied up a little bit before he had arrived but there wasn’t much I could do to make my flat look at all nice.

He came into the flat and I led him into the living room, probably the nicest place in the entire flat.

We both stood there for a few seconds.

‘How are you?’ I said, as a desperate attempt to break the awkward silence.

‘I’m okay, what about you?’ He smiled.

‘Good.’ I nodded.

‘Well what do you want to do today? I have the entire day.’

I thought about it for a second.

‘I want to get to know you better; I mean we’ve both changed so much since we were 12.’

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