Save Me

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3. Saving Meghan

Zayn's POV.

we're almost to my sisters house. I miss her so much. I hope dad didnt hurt her again i saw what happend to her the last time he beat her she had bruises all over her body.

We're finaly here I cant wait to see her. I text her and say"we're here meggers open ur window im climbing up" after i sent that text i see the window open and her look out

Meghan's POV.

I get a text from my brother it says "we're here meggers open ur window im climbing up" I walk over to my window and open it i then lean out the window i wave to the boys and smile. I see Zayn almost all the way up to my room. I reach out and grab his hand and pull him in the window. I grab him and hug him hard. "I missed you Meggers" he wisperhers. I missed you too. i say. he cant take the smile off his face."Lets go before dad finds you gone." he says. Okay i say he throws my suitcase to the boys and they catch it. "Your first" he says "okay" i slowly climb down the side of the house.I jump the last couple feet to the ground.Zayn was right behind me. He walks up to me and hugs me and spins me around. "I missed you too Zaynie" i say smiling he picks me up and runs me to the car i Just laugh as he threw me in by the boys. "Im Meghan" I say to the blond and the boy with a buzz cut. "Im Liam Payne and this Niall and louis." "Hi" i say "YOU'RE PRETTY" louis yells "Why thank you Mr.Carrot." "How do you know to call me that?" "I have my ways Mr. Carrot."  He just smiles "what about you Niall? You seem quiet compared to what Zayn says about you." " IM HUNGRY" is all he says "SO AM I NIALL I HAVE NOT HAD ANY FOOD AT ALL TODAY" i yell back "what" Zayn says "I swear i will kill him." he mummbles to himself. "Zayn I said i havent aten any food  today at all. Isnt there saposed to be 5 of you?" "O MY GOD WHERES HARRY" louis screams. "Relax Hazza's getting our plane tickets." Liam tells Louis. We were off to the airport.

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