Save Me

read the story to find out


1. 1

Meghan's POV.

Meghan Get down here now and make me breakfest. my father screamed. "Coming" I said as i ran down the stairs into the kitchen. I pulled out the pancake mix and put it on the pan. "Breakfest is done!" i yelled. My dad came into the kitchen. "How dare you yell at me young lady!" he said as he punched my face multiple times i fell on the floor and started crying.He pulled me off the ground by my hair. "Get up go to your room now." he said I stayed were i was he started kicking me. I sreamed "I said go to your roome now!!!" he grabed my hair and pulled me off the floor and dragged me upstairs. He threw me in my room and locked the door from the outside. I ran to my bed and flopped down i layed down for a few minutes and then got up. I grabbed my suitcase and started packing i took most of my clothes and threw them in the suitcase. My big brother is coming to save me tonight from our father.


Zayn's POV.

I cant wait to see my baby sister tonight. Its been 2 years to long. Our parents got divorecd and my dad fought for custidy for both of us. But my mum got custidy of me but lost my sister Meghan. Me and the boys are going to get her from our dad he abuses her and starves her.

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