Memories Last Forever (Sequel to Love Never Dies)



4. Our First REAL Fight

Emily's POV:

"Niall, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, it happened by-" "Save it Emily. Just fucking save it." Niall interrupted me. He walked out of the room and I followed. "Niall, listen to me! I'm sorry! It didn't mean anything! I swear!" I pleaded. He turned around to face me. He looked like he was crying. Well, I was about to too. Liam was sitting on the couch, eating chicken nuggets. "Liam, go upstairs with your uncle Li." I told him. He looked scared. "Mommy, why are you and daddy crying?" He asked. "Mommy said go. Now!" Niall yelled.  Liam started to cry and ran upstairs. "Niall, you cant just fucking yell at the kid! He's 4! What the fuck is wrong with you!?" I yelled at him. "Whats wrong with me!? ME!? Look at you, married and kissing other guys!" "You make it sound like I'm a fucking slut! I accidentally kissed one guy! And it wasn't just any guy! Okay?!" "Maybe I am calling you a slut, because it sounds like you love the fricken guy!" "Call me that one more time, I fucking dare you." I warned him. "Slut, bitch fucker." He said, smirking. Tears started to come down my face. How can my own husband say that. "Liam and Li! Come down here! And bring Liam's clothes! Were leaving!" I called while walking up the stairs. I packed some of Liam's clothes and toys and barged into my room. "Guys, were living," I said, picking up Liam. Li followed me as ran down the stairs. Liam was hugging his Woody and Jesse dolls as his head was snuggled into my neck. "You can't leave!" Niall yelled. I opened the door and took a half of a step. I turned around and said, "Watch me." Before I shut the door in his face. 

(older)Liam's POV:

After Emily and Niall went down stairs, I put my face in hands. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I scolded myself. Then, I heard little boy cries and feet running up the stairs. The door burst open and I saw a crying Liam run over to my lap. "Whats the matter babe?" I asked. "Daddy is yelling at mommy and me. Mommy and him are crying. Why are they doing that?" "Well, mommy did something to daddy that wasn't good. But, she didn't do it on purpose." I explained to him, not getting into detail. "Why are you crying Uncle Li?" "Because what mommy did that wasn't good, well she did it with me." I told him. "What did you do?" He asked me. "We -" Was all I managed to say before Emily burst in and picked up Liam. She told us it was time to go, so I followed. Niall said something to her as I walked out of the door, but I couldn't hear it. I started my car and put Liam in his car seat as Emily went into the passengers seat. "Where are we going?" I asked. "As far away from here as possible." She told me as I drove off. 

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