Memories Last Forever (Sequel to Love Never Dies)



6. Finding Out...

Emily's POV:

I woke up the next morning, realizing I had no clothes for the rest of the day. I looked at my phone - 6:45. I heard Liam softly snore next to me. I turned to see his soft face, his chest moving up and down slowly and peacefully as he breathed. I looked at his shut eyes and his cute cheeks. His lips were so pink, so soft. Then, they turned into a smile. "Morning beautiful," He said in his amazayn morning voice. "Morning." I said back to him. "I have no clothes for today and Niall is probably asleep right now, so I'm going to get them." I told him. "Okay, but don't let him see you. Come right back." He told me. "Alright," I said getting up. 

I made my way down the street in yesterday's clothes. I walked up to the door and turned the knob...locked. Good thing I live here and have a key! I put the key in the lock and it opened with a click. I tried to open the door quietly, but of  course, the door creaked  causing me to be totally noticeable  I stopped in my tracks and waited to hear any noises......but there was nothing. I walked up the stairs slowly, when I started to hear some noises. But they weren't, 'I just heard someone down stairs, let me go check' noises, but noises you would make when you were in the middle of having sex. But he would never do that, right? Yeah, of course he wouldn't, I mean were married and have a kid!  I walked slowly to the half opened bedroom door, the noise getting louder, and my confidence decreasing. I poked my head in the door way and stared. Niall was in there, kissing another- no, no, no, not just kissing, but having sex on our bed and our blankets. She was a lot more beautiful than me, she had red hair and she was sooooo much skinnier than me. I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I stood there. As much as I wanted to move, I couldn't. As much as I wanted to run out and slam the door shut, I couldn't. 

I let out a big sob and then, Niall stopped kissing her neck and looked at me. "Shit." He mumbled to himself. I ran downstairs, running out the door and almost tripping on the hard sidewalk. I heard footsteps behind me so I started to run faster and faster. He shouted something but I couldn't make it out. I ran into the woods, deeper and deeper until I was certain he wasn't behind me. I looked all around me and noticed the surroundings, It had trees as tall as skyscrapers surrounding it, beautiful lavender lilacs, and what I like to call, tickled pink roses. The grass is so green that I wouldn't be surprised that the bridge the three billy goats crossed led to here. There is a sparkling blue stream running in the middle of the valley, and it looks like its clean enough to drink! Beyond the trees, there are mountains that lead up to the sun!

Then. I realized where I was, the Carrot Kingdom. I walked further up, and I found the house that held so many memories. I walked inside, slowly, looking at everything carefully, remembering all the memories.


"Lou! No!" I said, laughing. "Come on!" He said, pulling me towards the lake. "But it's cold!" I exclaimed. It was in the middle of December, almost Christmas, and the water was almost ice. "A little cold never hurt anyone!" He exclaimed. He was in his boxers, his bare feet crunching against the snow. I was in my bra and underwear, thanks to Louis, who took it off to go swimming. "But ice does!" I reminded him. "Fine, I guess I'll just have to go in with another hot chick," HE said walking around me. "Fine!" I exclaimed, laughing. "But Lou," I started, "Can I have one last kiss?" He smiled and started to kiss me. In the middle of the kiss, I put my hands on his chest and push him backwards into the lake. "AH!" He screamed, falling in midair. He stood up in the lake, his hair dripping over his face. "Please, help me up. Your right, it's freaking freezing!" I laughed and grabbed his hand. I looked into eyes and on his face, a smirk formed. And right then and there, I knew I had made a mistake. He pulled me down and when I got up I yelled, "Louis William Tomlinson, you are a fucking ass!" "And that's why you love me!" He said, laughing. "So true," I told him, giving in. We started kissing and I smiled into the kiss. 


I sat down on the the soft bed, feeling the quilt.


"Marry Christmas," Louis said, kissing me. He handed me a box with a little heart on it. I opened it and saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was a little necklace that had a diamond heart on it. In graved in it, it, "I love you beautiful, Marry Christmas. Love, Lou<3" A tear of happiness slipped out of my eyes and I looked at him and smiled. "It's so beautiful, I love you. Thank you so much." I whispered. He wiped away my tears with his thumb and kissed me. "Now your present," I told him. I got out a box and handed it to him. He opened it and his lips formed into a smile. Inside was a necklace that had a microphone on it. On the back, it said, "Our song will last forever. I love you so much. Emilyxx" "I love it so much babe." He said, a tear slipped out of his eye. 


Tears of all kinds of emotions slipped from my eyes. Louis is my best friend in the whole world and I haven't talked to him in months. I took out my phone and searched for his contact. It rang a couple of times, and then I heard the familiar voice. "Hey Em! I haven't talked to you in forever! I miss you so fucking much!!!!" I laughed a little. "Hey Lou." "Hey, why are you crying?" He asked. "I'll explain to you later, but can you come to the Carrot Kingdom? I'm there right now and I really need to talk to you." I pleaded. "Why are you there?" He asked. "Just please come. I'll explain everything." I told him. "Sure, I'll be there in 5." He told me and hing up. 

Like he said, he barged inside 5 minutes later. I cried even more when I saw his worried face. He ran over and sat next to me. "Please, please tell me why your crying!" He pleaded, pulling me into a hug. I hugged him back and said, "Liam was over my house because he was helping me with Li and then I fell asleep and we kissed and then Niall was mad and then I left with Li and stayed over Liam's house last night and this morning I went to go get my clothes because I thought he would be asleep and when I went there, he was having sex with another girl and then I ran away from him and ended up here." I told him, crying even more. "That stupid son of a bitch," He mumbled. "Shhh.....shhhh...." He said, rubbing my back. "I don't know anything anymore. I mean, me and Niall are married and we keep cheating on each other! I just don't feel the same about him that I used too." I admitted. "Then you should do something about that." He told me. "Like what? I can't divorce him, I have a kid! A 4 year old!" I complained. "Well, you can live your life in a lie or go and find happiness." He told me. "I guess your right," I said, "Hey, how are you and El?" I asked. "Great!" He said, looking around the room. "Why don't you come stay at my house for a while, I mean, your going to need a girl to talk to, and Liam could watch Li for a little." He offered. "Actually, that would be awesome." I said. 

I texted Liam and asked if that would be okay and he said sure. I told him the whole situation and he said he was really upset and disappointing with Niall. "You can borrow some of El's clothes if you want," He told me as we drove to his house. We came to a stop light and he stopped. He looked at me with a sad face and I looked back, smiling a fake smile. He leaned in and kissed me.

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