Trapped in the midle of sea with 1D

Allie is going to America after her dad passed away. She goes with the Titanic together with her dad and little sister. What will happen if she goes onto a date with Liam on the ship and will they fall in love??


8. The Plan

A/N: I really hope you like it. Give me feedback please and I'll update as soon as possible. School and work and being a Directioner is not a good mix. Anyays I love feedback so thank you for reading my story. Questions are also welccome :) Byee Xx Marjolein


Allie's pov


I walked out of my room into the living room and the boys were there except for Liam. They watched me as I made every move to grab a glass of orange juice. "So. Are you and Liam a couple or not?" Niall asked me. "Excuse me. No no we're not a couple" I said. "I'm not sure if he even likes me or not" I added. "That's complete bullshit!" Harry said. "We see how he looks at you and he has that thing in his eyes. Like his eyes are smiling whenever you're with him" Louis said and Zayn nodded, agreeing with Louis. "And you two are just too cute" Louis said. "Why don't we make sure to get them together?" Zayn said more as a statement. Now I had to be careful at what they were up to. They got together and started whispering to each other and I couldn't really make up to what they were saying but when they finished. They all had grins and smirks on their faces. Oh boy(s).


*Later that evening*


Liams Pov


"We're going to watch a movie. Want to come?" Allie asked me as she peeked through my bedroom door. I smiled at her. "Yes sure" I said back at her and she left. I don't know how I was supposed to feel with her. Yes sure she's a beautiful girl but I don't think she'll like me back. I entered the living room and Allie was sitting next to Harry on the couch, together with Niall. I sat next to Zayn on the other couch. We started to watch some scary movie, but that even didn't matter to me. Allie was all cuddling with Harry and I didn't like it one bit. As the scary man appeared on the screen, Allie jumped and Harry pulled her close by wrapping his arms around her waist. He whispered something in her ear and that just drove me insane. I walked out of the huge living room and into my bedroom. I slammed the door. Hard. I knew she didn't like me back. A knock at the door made me look up and Allie appeared in the door. "What was that all about?" She asked as she walked over to me. She took a place next to me on my bed and all I did was one move. I kissed her. And she kissed me back. That's all I could ask for at the moment.

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