Trapped in the midle of sea with 1D

Allie is going to America after her dad passed away. She goes with the Titanic together with her dad and little sister. What will happen if she goes onto a date with Liam on the ship and will they fall in love??


9. The Kiss

Allies pov


What is he doing? Why are his lips on mine? That’s what all I could think as he started to kiss me. I started to kiss back and I felt him smile in the kiss. He pulled away from me an he rested his forehead on mine. "I'm sorry. I just" he stopped right there as he looked me in the eyes. "Do you like Harry?" I asked her. "Harry? No. I don't like him" She said. I sighed in relief. "Why would you think that me and Harry like each other?" She asks me. "You were cuddling and all" I said awkwardly. She tilted my head back up with her finger and kissed me on my lips. "I like you, Liam" she said. I smiled at her "do you want to be my girlfriend?" I asked. " I'd love to" I said smiling up at him. "LADS. COME SEE THIS!" Someone shouts from the hallway and it most likely sounded like Harry. The rest of the boys appeared in the room and looked at us. "Are they together?" Niall asked and Harry nodded giving Louis a high five. "Now leave these love birds alone. I think they could use some alone time" Zayn said.

Allies pov


I could see Liam smiling at down me. This is going to be a lot of fun. "Want to go back watching the movie?" He asked and I nodded my head at him. We walked back to the living room and the boys had turned on a horror movie. Oh god. I hated horror movies. We went to sit down on the loveseat while the other boys sat down on the other couch or the ground. Liam placed me in his lap just before the movie began.


Liams pov


God. I am so happy to finally call her mine. The boys had set up a horror movie to watch. I looked at Harry and he winked at me. I set Ally down in my lap and she cuddled up to me, already scared of the movie that just started. During the movie, I would catch myself staring at her several times and she curls up to me every time a scary part came on. I placed my arm around her waist holding her close to mine. After a while, she didn't even watch the movie. She just hid her face in my chest but soon her breath became heavy and she was soon asleep. I looked at the clock and it was already 10 pm. We hadn’t really eaten anything today. Not that I cared though. I had the most beautiful girlfriend someone could ask for. I lifted her up and brought her to her bedroom. I placed her down on her bed softly. I tucked her in and wanted to leave. "Liam?" I heard. I turned around to see Ally half awake showing me a smile. "Good night" she said. I smiled at her and walked back to her, kissing her softly. "Goodnight" I said and she was already back in dream land.

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