Trapped in the midle of sea with 1D

Allie is going to America after her dad passed away. She goes with the Titanic together with her dad and little sister. What will happen if she goes onto a date with Liam on the ship and will they fall in love??


12. The figure in the window

Liams Pov


I sighed. Zayn's right. Zayn would probably be Daddy Direction 2. He would actually listen to you and he would always give you the right advice. So I should go with it. Just give her time. But if those nightmares come back again. She newds to tell me. Zayn walked out of my room and nodded to the livingroom. I walked towards the livingroom and Ally was sitting next to Harry. I went to sit next to Ally. She cuddled up to me and used my chest as her pillow. She jawned and I pressed a kiss on her forehead.


We all agreed on watching a movie. A normal movie this time. Mean Girls to be excact. Louis was saying quotes from the movie in a high pitched voice. I think he would say "Oh my gawd. That's so fetch" for the hundreth thime now and the movie was only half way.


The movie ended and it was time for dinner. At least for Niall it was time for dinner. We made homemade pizza. Ally and I made the dough. And Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis added the things they wanted on their pizzas. "Niall. You can't add cucumber on a pizza" I heard Zayn say. I turned around to look at them and Niall threw a slice of cucumber at Zayn, who turned away from it and it landed on my face. I heard a giggle and only one person in this house had this giggle. Ally. I grabbed a handfull of flour and threw it at her. She grabbed a tomato and threw it back at me. Not much later we all were in a full on food fight. Even Niall was throwing things. "Oh my god. I look like a mess" Ally said. I looked at Ally but I saw something. Something that seemed like a figure, a person maybe. I blinked with my eyes and looked back at the place where the figure had been and it was gone. Seems like I can't see.


A/N: Sorry that I don't update that much.I have school and I'm a senior in high school so it takes a lot of work. I hope you like my story though and feedback would be great :) Xx Marjolein

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