Trapped in the midle of sea with 1D

Allie is going to America after her dad passed away. She goes with the Titanic together with her dad and little sister. What will happen if she goes onto a date with Liam on the ship and will they fall in love??


18. Save me, Liam.

Chapter 19

Ally's pov

He slid the knife around my lower abdomen slowly blood made its way out. I hissed in pain and he slid it again but deeper this time. "You will not survive. Just like your daddy. I saved your life last time, but I won't let that happen now" He said his voice deep and evil. He slid his knife accross my stomach one more time before he was interrupted with a knock on the door. He cursed at himself and went downstairs. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I heard him scream.

Liams pov

Niall ran back to out villa and we went to the little cottage. "Is it smart to just get in?" Zayn asked. I looked at him with pleaded eyes. Louis shrugged and banged on the door. I hid behind the door so I could sneak in after. Not soon after, the door opened. "What do you want!" The guy asked. He had this heavy voice. In the background I could hear Ally cry silently. Quiet sobs came out of her mouth and I just needed to hold her. "Well. We saw lights here and we locked ourselves out of our villa. So We wanted to ask if we could make a call" Zayn said. The guy agreed and the boys left the door open. I sneaked in and followed the sound of my girlfriend. I could hear the guys make up a conversation about that their friend had closed the door while the key was on the inside in the door. So they could not get in. I sneaked up the stairs and went upstairs. Once upstairs I found three doors. One was open and I took a glance in it to find my girlfriend. Her t shirt covered with blood.

A/N. Thank you for reading again. Feedback is really appreciated :). Big love to all of you!
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