Be my Fallen Angel

“You call this music?” I asked, looking out over the city. Andy took a breath and shook his head, leaning back on his hand. “Nope. I call this breathing. I call this living. This is what I do. Black Veil Brides is my everything,” He said, turning his head to face me. “To others, it is music, and your argument is invalid.”
* * *
Karma Evans knew a lot about everything; She has an eidetic memory and her Saturday nights are spent competing in spelling bees, but there's this one word that she never remembered nor got right. Fun. She was anything but fun. One night, her friend Rory convinced her to come to a Black Veil Brides concert with her. That one night... That's all it took to turn everything around.


2. "It'll be fab."

Let’s be honest, nobody liked waking up. Even if it was the middle of the school day at the back of the classroom. “Karma… Karma, wake up! I needa talk to you! Get up!” Rory hissed from the seat behind me. I looked up groggily and turned around. “Huh?” I asked, half asleep. “Don’t huh me, honey. Guess!” She squealed, flashing me her set of pearly whites, her curly blonde hair bounced with every move she made. “What, did you finally find a bra that matches Saturday’s underwear?” I said sarcastically, although if that really was the reason she was happy, I wouldn’t be surprised. She rolled her bright green eyes and scoffed, shaking her head no. “Silly goose, I already found one yesterday.” See? “Try again.” She urged, hanging off the edge of her seat. I sighed, not really in the mood for guessing. “I give up. Spill.” I replied, waiting for an answer. “I GOT TICKETS TO A BVB CONCERT. AND SINCE I LOVE YOU, I’M TAKING YOU WITH ME!” She said a little too loud, her eyes wide in excitement. Heads turned towards the back of the room and I blinked, smiling innocently. As soon as they turned back to their work, I turned back to mine, eyes wide as well-- But not with excitement. “Because you love me?! That’s torture! And since when did you like that kind of music?” I whisper shouted, looking truly shocked. “Please! I can’t go alone! If you really were my best friend, you’d go just for me. Pretty please? With sprinkles on top?” She pleaded, clasping her hands together. I groan and roll my eyes. “Fine, I’ll go for you.” I say. “But who are you going for?” She pursed her lips to keep from smiling, seeing how she failed to avoid my question. “For Andy Biersack. The lead singer. I don’t like rock, but he’s just so cute.” She gushed. I stared at her in disbelief, shaking my head in disappointment, not really surprised. “That’s just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” I spat. “Wait till you get there.” She mused, standing up, clutching her books to her chest. “It’ll be fab.”

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