Be my Fallen Angel

“You call this music?” I asked, looking out over the city. Andy took a breath and shook his head, leaning back on his hand. “Nope. I call this breathing. I call this living. This is what I do. Black Veil Brides is my everything,” He said, turning his head to face me. “To others, it is music, and your argument is invalid.”
* * *
Karma Evans knew a lot about everything; She has an eidetic memory and her Saturday nights are spent competing in spelling bees, but there's this one word that she never remembered nor got right. Fun. She was anything but fun. One night, her friend Rory convinced her to come to a Black Veil Brides concert with her. That one night... That's all it took to turn everything around.


3. "I feel like I just walked into hot topic..."

I stuck out like a sore thumb at this place. Rory decided to get into the spirit and dress up. She had on a black corset which was- in my opinion- way too tight, a pair of buckle pants, and black combat boots to go with it. On top of it all, she even decided to paint herself… Almost every bit of exposed skin was covered in black paint; her eyes were rimmed with heavy black eyeliner, the ends dripping off like tears. She even drew teeth on the side of her face, so whenever she grinned she looked like a creep. As soon as we got to the concert venue, I noticed she was mentally judging my outfit the same way I did to hers. Since I wasn’t here to impress anyone, I decided to remain in lounge wear; a purple and white raglan top with a pair of purple jammies, music notes printed across it. I didn’t bother to change my shoes either; I was stuck with bunny slippers. “You didn’t even care to change?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head and stood on my tippy toes to see if anyone was on stage yet. “What? It’s just a concert. We’re here to listen to them, there’s not a very big chance we’ll meet them.” I said matter of factly, surprised by how many people were here. “I feel like I just walked into hot topic…” I grumbled, my feet flat on the floor again. Rory fixed her top and put her hands to the side. “That’s not the worst thing you know… They have really cute clothes there.” The lights went down suddenly, and the audience went silent. “SCREAM, SHOUT!” Someone from backstage was yelling. The crowd started stirring, people in front of us already cheering. “SCREAM, SHOUT!” They said again. “WE ARE THE FALLEN ANGELS!” Two guys slid out onto the stage with guitars, strumming wildly, their bodies rocking, already feeling the music. The curtains went up and some guy was banging on the drums, another one playing bass. Finally the singer jumped onto stage, and the crowd roared just a little louder.  Rory jumped up and down like a little fangirl and squealed.  The vocalist then grabbed onto his mic and scanned the audience quickly, eyes landing on me. Well fuck. He knit his eyebrows and began singing. I could tell he knew I didn’t belong here, but he kept singing. His gaze dropped too, like he was never staring at me in the first place.

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